The Right to Bear Arms

One of the most favorite activities of the boys is to drive up into the woods to a target area and spend the afternoon with their dad.  Usually – it is a boys only event – but they let me tag along yesterday.


We think it is important that the boys are well educated and experienced with various types of weapons.  The more they know about them and respect the consequences of using them – the better equipped they will be.  They were able to go through an NRA program to be certified with the .22 when we lived in a different town. We don’t have an NRA program here, but we carry forward all that we learned from the range when we had the chance. It is good to see both boys advancing in their loading, target and gun cleaning skills. We carry the same rules on the range at home with airsoft, nerf, or throwing stars.


After our afternoon of shooting we were honored to attend an event in town for Active Military and Veterans. Put Put Golf, Batting Cages, Video games, Pizza, Soda, Cupcakes and a room full of over 50 vets – from the 40’s to active military today. What a wonderful crowd of people. Thanks goes to the All American Put N Bat and Gallucci’s Pizza for sure!


The All American Put n Bat is just about the most patriotic place in town. A History field Trip for sure if you walk around and really look at all of the great murals.  I had to pause to take a photo of Nate in front of the flag, and both boys in front of the Right to Bear Arms.  With all of the talk about the UN Agreements and our rights with ammo – We all need a bit of  reminder of the rights we have now!


Thanful for our Veterans – Thankful for our Rights – Thankful for the time to exercise those rights! 


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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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2 Responses to The Right to Bear Arms

  1. AH! I love it! I wish more young men would do this, learning the responsibility that comes with bearing arms. What a joy to see that some still embrace this.

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