Lesson 47, Saxon 7/6–My Favorite of the Entire year


What is Lesson 47 you ask?  Well. Circumference – Pi. Oh Ya. We like Pi Day!  I send the boy around the house with a ball of yarn, and he makes strings the size of every circle he can find in the house.

I made four dough balls from some pie dough left over from Thanksgiving day.  I had a baggie of Apple Pie Stuffing in the freezer. Hmmm.


We measured the dough around circumference and around the diameter. We also measured the dough balls around the circumference.

Oh, You counters are so clean – yer so lucky to have boys do that do their chores.  Um. I had to clear this counter off. Truth in Blogging Photo:



There ya go. Feel better now? In the boys’ defense – most of those are clean . . . Anyway – back to Pi er Pie.






Blog Face


Crying over Saxon Math


We only had one crust worth so we did crescents. Wait – or um – we purposely folded the circle in half to emphasize the diameter. or. I was too lazy to make a top shell.



Mmmm. Pi /Pie day was a success. We went from confused to getting it. While the pies were in the oven we measured the strings, dividing by pi to find the diameter. We found the cereal bowl numbers didn’t work, and he admitted it was hard to measure. So we got the diameter and timed by pi – and found the real circumference. “Cool,” says Jon. Ya. Math is only as boring as you make it.

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