When Dogs Sleep Through Math


As you can probably tell, if you have me on a reader – I have been taking a bit of  blog writing break.  This weekend, I hope to go through the images captured this month and fill you in on what’s been happening at Petra School.


I’ll just need to either get more creative about how I share my day – or how we do our days. Not sure which.  Sleeping dogs and boys with hoodies doesn’t make for exciting sharing.  Saxon has been working well with Jon.  I think we will be switching to Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra next year, as we have a borrowed copy. For now 7/6 with the DIVE CD is working.  Max gets bored – sleeping is his job.


While the pup sleeps and the boy figures – I am looking up lab experiments to help bring our December Nature Studies on Weather into a Science Unit Study. I really enjoy the book “We Dare You” from Timberdoodle. One thing I have found with Science Experiment Books – is that the book tends to show you all of the what why and how, and leaves little room for curiosity. They are more like Science Demonstrations to show how things work. Once you’ve read the write up for the demonstration, there is little reason to actually perform it. Unless you need to demonstrate for another person.  In the We Dare You book – they ask a dare, or an I bet you can’t type question. I looked up Temperature challenges in the books I enjoy.


The upper lip is very sensitive to temperature. Have a friend pick a penny out of a plastic cup. Hold him hold the penny in his hand for 30 seconds, then put the penny back into the plastic cup. Then touch each penny to your upper lip to see which one has a change in temperature. You’ll be able to tell him which penny he held.



Found some older cards on clouds that we made in years gone by.  Going to strengthen our cloud vocabulary and intentionally use those words during our walks and drives. Make a few posters, watch a few videos, draw weather in the backgrounds of of sketches.  With any luck, I’ll come back and tell you about it. Winking smile

Until then, Max snoozes, we remain intentional with our learning – and find moments to share with you.

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3 Responses to When Dogs Sleep Through Math

  1. Mary says:

    Haha- I love this post!

  2. soa1 says:

    I’m right there with Max 🙂

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