Not Yer Garden Variety Christmas Light Hangin’

P1020419P1020420How do you like these bad boys? Nate has been spending hours hanging a bajillion lights for the community Christmas Musical. He’s learned all about the slides, hanging, cords and scaffolding.


P1020425The set construction was going on while he was hanging the lights. Watching how the pieces came in and got assembled and then painted. He was impressed on how the mountains were painted by a traveling artist from New York.



P1020429He is learning to run the light and sound boards.  He’ll be the Lighting Director for the play.  Right now all the cues are set up manually. Today he’ll go in and set up the board to be automated through the computer. They will be working on setting the marks to perfectly light each cute little face of the Kids Sing Out group and for the Musical.  Theater. He’s gotten quite the bug for it.

P1020437We met John while surfing.  He helped to be an extra pair of eyes in the water with our club.  We got to talking in the parking lot and he asked if the boys would be interested in singing in his production.  Singing? Not so much. Acting? Only in our front room.  Nathan’s ears perked up when he said he needed someone to teach how to create the set, hang and position the lights, program the computers, and run the equipment for the show.  I just can’t tell you how thankful I am that God keeps bringing amazing mentors into my sons’ lives.  What an amazing opportunity. John is a professional Lighting Director, has worked with the Keller Auditorium in Portland, Oregon. I can tell you that this little play isn’t going to be your average gymnasium variety of lights and shadows!

Truly Blessed. Project Homeschooling. Trusting God as He places mentors in our life path. Beyond thankful for their time and patience and willingness to share their craft.

And – I still had more than 2 people ask me yesterday if we will be taking a beak from homeschool – or if this will put us ‘behind’ in our homeschool. Sigh.

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