Perfect Microscope for Rocks

This little guy is a tiny 45x handheld microscope that has an attached LED light. What we find, when looking at agates especially, is the need to look at the rock with a flashlight or window. You’ll often find us holding rocks up to the sun or window to be able to see the flecks of color, veins or rings.


The whole family has enjoyed this little guy. My husband spent over an hour last night reexamining his favorite finds. We discovered new colors and contours of our favorite pieces.

The verbal instructions, not included in writing with the product:

Hold the microscope up to your eye, then bring the object slowly up until the details focus. We found that most often, the object would be touching the eyepiece when the blur disappears. There is a protective eye cup , so there shouldn’t be a reason to scratch the lens.

If you are interested, they are only $10.00 at Rock Your World. She said that the shipping would be around $2.00.  We purchased one yesterday, but I can see that we may need two. You could shoot them an email –and see what they could do.


(Disclaimer: We purchased ours,
and REALLY love it, will buy another –
and will receive no discounts or products for sharing this fun tool with you.)

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2 Responses to Perfect Microscope for Rocks

  1. Kate says:

    My dh has a trip to Lincoln City planned for next month, this is the perfect little gift to bring home! Thank you.

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