Rocks Up Close


On the table:

  • Rocks up Close Grid Study
  • Agates of the Oregon Coast
  • Roadside Geology of Oregon,
  • Rocks and Minerals,
  • Handbook of Nature Study
  • Handheld Microscopes
  • Magnifying Lenses
  • Pencils, Colored Pencils
  • Rocks Collected this Week (Some Purchased)
  • Coffee & Diet Soda
  • Shafts of Light from the Sunset


Chocolate Cake face, Cake in One hand, Fork in the Other – It’s A Party!
(It only dawns on me now that this was a cry for Fresh Choco Cake.)


Dad’s Favorite Rock


Shafts of light make for the best rock studies. Like having God hold the flashlight for you. It is also the best time to look for agates.  Sunrise/Sunset at Lowtide. With your back to the sun, walk back and forth and focus on what sparkles. What has a glint or a shine. Many, even locals, never find agates. I used to NEVER find them. Now, with an eye out, we each collect a pocket full with each trip.



We have been experiencing long blue sky days. The large swells have been coming in pounding the beach all night long. A huge storm system from Japan and Alaska hit shore on Friday night. Huge pounding surf. It’s ripping the sand out – so if you are looking for a place to look for an assortment of Rocks – the Pacific Northwest Coast rock beds are ready for you! Heading out for today’s low tide of .8 at 3:30 – so we’ll be out around 2. See ya there!

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16 Responses to Rocks Up Close

  1. kbalman says:

    Great post we love doing any kind of nature study. I just love where you live it looks so peaceful. Will you link your wonderful nature posts up on wildlife wednesday. I know rocks are not really a living creature but I give you permission because these are wonderful and need to be shared. Its an ongoing link up and you can find it on my blog in several places here is one link

  2. Wendy R says:

    My favorite cousin (the one who passed away a couple years ago from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease was a “rock hound;” his specialty was agates. 🙂 I’m enjoying your posts about your rock studies.

  3. Your rock study is inspiring to us all! Your thoughts and insights make for interesting reading and your images just sooth a weary soul. Thanks for sharing Angie.

    • Angie Wright says:

      So Sweet! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s challenge. The boys have been talking about it this evening. I should forward you the text Jon sent. Funny. Keep encouraging us!

  4. Your son’s drawing cracks me up—it’s just the kind of thing my son would draw. I always love your photos, Angie. They seem touched by the Maker’s light.

  5. Mary says:

    Love this!! We are just about to get started on rocks! I ordered some rock kits from Home Science Tools. I am off to Pin this!!

  6. Jennifer says:

    Did you make cake? 🙂

  7. Sam Kelley says:

    I want to live there! Any spare rooms??

  8. Giggly Girls says:

    I’m pinning this so I can do it with my rock loving four year old when she is ready. And I want to live at your house so I can enjoy that view. lol

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