Rock Observation Chart



It is our final Rock study of the month – Outdoor Hour Challenge Rock Observation  .


We have our Magnet, Nail, Penny, Rock Books, Ruler, String, Dictionary and a Kitchen Scale today.


I really enjoyed having the vocabulary choices beneath each observational area. The dictionary was used to look up a words like “resinous”.


It was raining, so we didn’t do the streak test. We liked the challenge of Size – and the opportunity to write something more specific than small, big, or tiny. Ha!



Since this is our last week, and we’ll be in Santa Cruz next Friday – we put up all of the rock displays and supplies. Culling out our favorite finds of the month to put in our collection bottles, and then added the extras to our Agate Garden out front.


Along with our chunk of Obsidian and Opal from Central Oregon – this pile is pretty deep. Keeps the weeds down. 

Thanks for following along this month on our rock collecting and observations!  I think I read that next month is Birds. I’m pretty excited, there are quite a few on the lake right now. Can’t wait to learn more about them and share photos with you next month.

Nate is going to Young Life Camp, Campaigners, at Washington Family Ranch and Jon is going to the Volcom Surf Competition in Santa Cruz next week. Pray for safe travels and memories for a life time!

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4 Responses to Rock Observation Chart

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  2. Oh, how exciting! We are going to be starting our Rock Classification unit in two weeks. Thanks for the pics, it definitely got us excited for our lessons.

  3. What beautiful rocks! Great study!

  4. Wow! You must know that I have enjoyed every single rock post you shared this month. It is so much fun for me to see families dig in and do such a great job with my ideas. Amazing colors of rocks!
    I forgot you were going to be in Santa Cruz..we were there two weeks ago. I will pass along your hug to our dear sister Tricia. Hugs back to you.

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