4H Surf Club–Fitness Class & Ocean Education


So what does a group of Stoked UP Tigershark 4H Surf Clubbers do when the surf gets too high in the Pacific Northwest?  Gym Time! 

Our Coach Keith is the owner of KLG Adventures. He holds clinics in town to teach Fitness, Ocean Education, and Surfing.  Our surf club co-creators Skye and Keith are amazing at getting kids and adults stoked to get to a fitness level that will make surfing more enjoyable. If you are traveling through 101 in Lincoln City – You’ll do well to set up a private lesson or clinic with the Oregon Surf Shop. #1 Benefit of being a Tigershark? Keith and Skye as our amazing 4H Volunteers – We get to take their Clinics!  Woot!


Stretching. Before and after fitness, surf and swim. We have done these moves many a time on the beach in wetsuits. We worked out for an hour.  Arms, shoulders, legs, pushups, hop ups, running, crunches, core – exercises. I like how he explains to us how each exercise helps a specific part of the movement needed in the ocean surfing or paddling. I have ‘why’ kids.  He gives a whole lotta scientific why.


Equal with fitness – is their passion for Ocean Education.  After an hour’s physical training we went to the library to learn more about Surf Forecasting.  Several of our coaches came to share how they use the internet resources – Magic Seaweed and Oregon Surf Check to know the conditions before heading out.


I think this has been our 5th? Ocean Education clinic for the 4 H club this year. More than knowing when we can surf – knowing about the ocean and weather can save our lives. We are working towards getting every club member to be an expert at knowing when a good swell call can be given. They are encouraged to look at the weather for the week and communicate with the coaches for a surf day. You can bet that all of the club members were paying attention!


Oregon Surf Check and Magic Seaweed’s links may be found on the Oregon Surf Shop Web Page.


Looking at the buoys that tell us how the storms are traveling – swell levels.

My shoulders were not happy this morning. I kept having a conversation this morning – back and forth – Keith is trying to kill me. Keith is trying to save my life. Keith is trying to kill me. Keith is trying to save my life.  Ha.  Save my life wins. He gave the clubbers a workout list to do the exercises at home.  The boys and I are on board. Crunches and shoulder rolls for me for sure! Legs are happy and my core is happy.  I need to target different tummy and shoulder muscles for sure! 

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  1. AWESOME! I love how the coach is teaching them how to watch the conditions.

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