A lone reed.

A lone reed.


Did you know the Winter in the Pacific Northwest is not exactly the hotspot for Grom Surf? The boys have met a few other crazy dedicated surfers. Stoked. The rush of it all. It sort of becomes who you are. Changes what you do. What you think about. How you view the weather. Rinsing out wetsuit gear, drying up long towels, chatting up the coaches talking about the waves you caught and then ones that rolled on to shore without you. Hours. Hours of videos. Trouble is – the average 12 year old isn’t talking about it.


I love this lil blog. I don’t have what I’d consider a large readership. Since you’re here – I love ya, and thank you for stopping by. I like to share our life. Transparent. Show how we live this life that is so different than the mainstream. However, in town, and in most circles – I’m the only blogger. Heavy Blogger. I love to share on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Share not just mine but others. Trouble is – when I get together with a group of girls, and they talk about their lives and their occupation – they sort of look at me like I grew a third head or like I’m speaking another language. Comments on how I might be damaging the boys by putting our life out there.


This is a tiny town. We are building up a lil group of famlies. Trouble is – there are very few teens. The last couple of months we’ve met families in transition who are not going to public school, but their life isn’t really 100 home learning. Taking a much needed break. I like to plan. Prepare. Dream. I listen to the boys and try to gather resources anticipating their next adventure. Books and movies on Greece. Biology. Electronics. Poetry. Trouble is – in town, there really isn’t anyone to share these ideas with.


Oh I have a lot of friends who like the idea of nature. On an 80 degree windless day. Or from the views of a DK book by the fire with a latte. In the rain? Fog? Muddy trail? When the water is cold? When the rocks are wet? When the air temp freezes your ears while waiting for the birds to flock back to your open space? Taking children away from their electronics to be outside? Fitting in Nature as a priority instead of a field trip held only for after? Trouble is – I’d love to do more walks with others who share my passion for naming all things out of doors.

Charlotte Mason.

Ya.  Re – reading her books this week snagged from the .99 cent Kindle deal. I feel so inspired. I wish I had large sections on index cards. Every time some one would struggle and ask a question I’d look through my card file and hand them a solution. Trouble is – it’s a bit more work. It’s not pre packaged. It’s hard to explain how it works out in real life. Hard to assure people that it is right for high school. If you have not experienced it – it is impossible to understand.

Bible Intensity.

Again – I have an insatiable love of the Word. I see it as 100 percent true. Word for word. I believe simply. If a guy needs to come around to ‘explain it to me’, then I don’t believe what he says. If it’s in there, I believe it. I it’s not – why bother. I really have not met many who are not colored by experience and upbringing to change what the Word says.

And this morning – I was in my room. Quiet. Reading the blogs and FB posts of so many friends gathering online. Feeling the joy. Thinking of being a lone reed in my small neck of the woods.


A group of friends who love to surf came to mind and I got excited for our next training or fun day.

I looked at posts by so many friends who are chatty online and am thankful for communities to share our passions. Appropriately – On Line.

And I am thankful for the communities that have large groups of homeschoolers, and look forward to a Valentine Party today and a mom support group on Friday. And I see Sally Clarkson’s face. She encourages me to be the experienced mom with these young ladies. It isn’t just about finding my boys play dates, but to come along side them and help them.

And I think of those who love Quests, and Beach Walks, and Beach Combing and Fishing.

Of those who are walking out more of Charlotte Mason than they think.

And of my body of believers in town who LOVE the Word, and are passionate about the free love of Christ – and know that it is interesting to read passages from all different perspectives together.

And I am happy.

Not a lone reed.

But one lone reed in a pond full of beautiful cattails. Season by season, changing and growing and putting in nourishing roots.

Thanks for reading – You’re my favorite.

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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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8 Responses to A lone reed.

  1. Diana M. says:

    You and I have so much in common! …except geography.

    I have a daughter who loves surfing;
    We are a 4-H family;
    I am CM-minded;
    We love nature walks;
    Bible is primary;
    I love coffee;
    I blog.

    Now if I could only get to your state! 😉

    If my surfer ever saw your blog she would be so envious. We are at least 4 hours from the beach, and the waves are barely surfable where we are (unless you wait for an approaching hurricane, heh! heh!).

    Keep on blogging. I love reading. I have long been inspired by you and never would have known you sometimes feel like lone reed.

    Diana from CREW

  2. DC says:

    I am a faithful reader of your blog. I do not comment much but I love reading about what you and the boys do. I love this post, so beautifully written!
    Dana from CA, we vacation at Gold Beach every year and love the oregon coast.

  3. Pam says:

    I love this post. This was encouraging to read.

  4. Sara says:

    “But one lone reed in a pond full of beautiful cattails. Season by season, changing and growing and putting in nourishing roots. ”
    This is a lovely thought!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love you, Angie!

    Here I sit, in the shadow of the Nation’s Capital (figuratively, not literally). A rare instance, my son is out bowling (home school bowling league), and I get to sit home for another half hour.

    You inspire me, provoke me, encourage me… And I never would have known that you sometimes feel like a lone reed. I’d love to come sit with you, share a cuppa java, share your view of the lake, and talk about Bible, CM, nature, surfing… all of it.

    I’m too old to want to try to get my kiester (sp?) up on a board, but my 23 year old daughter would be so envious of a 4-H Surfing Club! She was 4-H the whole way (albiet in the shadow of her “perfect” older sister who ultimately was county fair 4-H Queen). #2 finally found her niche in surfing, and the nearest beach is over 4 hours away.

    Any time you decide to visit my neck of the woods, give me a call. And I’ve never been in your state, but if I get there, I’d love to send my little guy out with yours to explore the lake, while you and I got to know each other better.

    Bless you, my friend. Diana, from CREW

    • pebblekeeper says:

      Keepin ‘it real. I have been blessed to be involved in many gatherings the last couple of weeks. God has been bringing me groups of ‘in real life’ people in those categories. I am feeling inspired to share my passions fully, verbally – not just in typed text. After a weekend of watching everyone speak ONLY surfing, and one of our surf coaches who is a College Biology teacher and I had some great conversations, I’m inspiried to use my voice, and not just my fingers.

  6. I love you my lone reed friend. 🙂 The great and wonderful thing I have found in the last few years is that God is putting all us reeds together in one beautiful patch 🙂

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