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Max and the boys  love it when we gather on the floor to play games. We are in the Ancients right now, in Rome. At the end of our Greek unit, we stopped to make sure that some of our ‘flat map’ learning was given to the Globe.

We like to use WonderMaps for our Geography studies.  I like how you can take away details of the map to a simple black and white and then fill in the information as the study moves along. One thing we’ve found though, is looking at the computer and paper print out, the boys do not readily associate the country to where it is on the globe or other surrounding countries.


That’s where the 10 Days In Games come in handy. We break out the globe and find Greece and chat up a few geographical locations. Ok, we also toss the globe around. Then we set up 10 Days in Europe to focus on the surrounding countries.


Pulling 10 cards from the pile, each player creates a path to take traveling country to country by walking, boat or flying. You set up the cards, and then can’t change the order. Sometimes you have to re-create the path mid way through the game, sometimes the cards pull up quickly to complete the 10 day journey. Strategy, knowledge of which countries are connected by which seas, which regions – it’s great. My mom bought us 10 Days in the USA and 10 Days in Europe a few years ago, and they remain the boys’ favorite go to game.


Max just likes it when we stay in one room together so he doesn’t have to check in on each of us while doing rounds about the house.  What games do you play to help spice up your paper/book learning?

(Disclaimer  – This is not a review – just sharing how we spend our days
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6 Responses to Geography Games

  1. IrishMum says:

    I love your extra deluxe globe stand;) Ingenious!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    I love this! I hadn’t heard of these games, but I will look them up!

  4. We have 10 Days in Africa….we have learned so much about which obscure countries are there and how they are connected. We also love this game.

  5. danamelana says:

    Oh my goodness, how have I not heard of this!? We are in Rome, as well, right now. We are huge board game players and I want this game! Okay, going to look at the link now.

    FYI, the link to 10 days game took me to the same Wonder Map link. At first, I thought maybe it was part of the Wonder Map package, but then I clicked around the website and found it.


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