Playing Tourist–Glass Art



Playing tourist with visiting friends is just the most enjoyable thing ever.  The Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio had it’s doors open on a Monday this week. We were thrilled to see one of my favorite artists in town making a glass vase.  She has a beautiful skill with combining colors.  








It’s like a beautiful artistic dance.


After the piece was finished being formed,
we headed west to the beach to throw out a few crab pots.


The pussy willows were beautiful. All sparkly with dew.
The entire hillside was full of little grey puff balls.


I love the walk to the Inn at Spanish Head. It’s just enough time, and enough space – to have great warm deep transparent conversations. I’ve had quite a few on this road. Something about the roar of the ocean, the salt air, the feeling of being the only one for miles – and people open up. It was a wonderful moment to come across this hand made driftwood cross at the end of the road.  Perfect timing.



And at the end of the trail – we found some Conks, or rather Bracket Fungi. I had to take a photo for  our  March Fungi Hunt.

“Bracket fungi, or shelf fungi, among many groups of the fungi in the phylum Basidiomycota. Characteristically, they produce shelf- or bracket-shaped fruiting bodies called conks that lie in a close planar grouping of separate or interconnected horizontal rows.”  From Wiki

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