Spring Cleaning – Ready for SUP Season!


Stopped by the sporting goods section of our local mart to pick up a 2013 Invasive Species Permit.  It’s Oregon’s way to charge people 7 dollars to paddle. Any vessel over 10 feet, used for transportation, needs a permit. I call it our Paddling License. I found a pill bottle at the pharmacy section and keep it rolled up water tight on my whistle cord.  SUP Boards are considered Vessels by the USCG outside of the surf, and carry the same legal requirements as kayaks and canoes, if over 10 feet long.


I have suction cups on my gear bag that stick to my SUP Board. I like to carry the life jacket, whistle, permit, water bottle, and I keep the MP3 Player in a pocket inside of my wetsuit. I find I paddle farther and faster with good music.


While I was at it, I picked up all of our water gear. Went to the mart yesterday and picked up a huge tote large enough to hold all of our life jackets. We’re big on life jackets around here and have several in each size, baby to large adult. We also pick up swim gear at yard sales so we have several pairs along with wetsuit tops for the kids. Booties, hoodies, gloves. It makes for quite a massive pile. Usually, from the end of the table to the sliding glass doors is a heap o swimmin’ chaos. Now I just need to walk around and straighten up and put away finished learning projects.

Not sure how long that corner will stay this way – but it is fun for today.  So excited to paddle. Hope I don’t bore you with too many SUP Lake Entries. I’m super – ubber – excited. STOKED!

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