Water Dog Mom has a SUP!

Riviera Surf Sup – 11’6” 33” – Color – Rust and Silver



First Step – Tyler puts some Oregon Surf Shop love on the top and bottom.


Next Step – Load it up in the truck. Nate used his Birthday Oregon Surf Shop Gift Card from a friend to buy me some new straps. No more crazy garage tie downs. We’re Legit.


That’s one happy Oregon Surf Shop Boy. He’s happy for me!


Weird Surf Team Photographer – and a coach giving him a look. Jon gets that look a lot.


Step Three – Beat mom to the water while she puts on her life jacket and booties.


We had several colors to choose from. Quite a few friends purchased boards last year. It was between Magenta/Pink and Rust/Silver.  Since Nate wants this as badly as I do – we both went with Rust / Silver. It’s beautiful. With the R’s all over – and my friend’s husband is named – “Big R” – we went with . . . . . . ..  Rusty.  Rusty – meet the blog readers. Blog Readers – Meet Rusty.


When you call, text, email, msg, or stop by – you’ll know where to find me.

In SUP Heaven.


Last year in June, my boys officially decided they forever wanted to be Surfers. This mom has since spent a lot of hours at the beach and on the water. A year and a half ago I was on a SUP, on my knees, for the first time. I really didn’t think I’d ever get it. A few months later I gave it a good effort to figure it out. Last summer, it was my desire to officially be a SUP’er. I practiced for hours. For some reason, it took me a WHOLE lot more struggle to balance and get the stroke than the average joe.  Last weekend a couple of girlfriends and I  SUP’d 6 miles in an hour and a half while leisurely chatting away at a slow pace. My goal has been to officially be a Water Dog Mom.  A friend made a comment a couple of years ago – when I was being wimpy – “Well, ya want to be a water dog mom – then ya gotta do it”.  I’m the mom of Jon – the waterest dog of them all. 

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3 Responses to Water Dog Mom has a SUP!

  1. I am so happy for you Angie!!! You go girl!!! I wish we had been there to meet Rusty, but then we might have never seen you again LOL!!! Nor gotten you out of the water and onto the sand to help us search for Lincoln City floats!!!

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