Classical Academic Press: Discovery of Deduction


Introducing Classical Academic Press – A TOS Crew Review


Petra School Received ~

Target Student : As young as eighth grade but best if used after a study of informal fallacies, such as The Art of Argument: An Introduction to the Informal Fallacies


The study has 5 Units – Introduction to Formal Logic, Propositions and Their Relationships, Categorical Syllogisms and Terms and Definitions.

What does a lesson look like? Lessons start out with Points to Remember. This helps know what to focus on during the text. Vocabulary focus words are in bold and easy to reference later in the study. Quotes and a few graphics are scattered on the pages to lighten up the tone of the sheet.  There are 2 pages of reading, with a page of questions. Chapter Lessons are split into 3-8 segments. Example 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, or 4.1 – 4.8. There are 9 chapters. For a better visual, the site offers a Free Sample Download with Table of Contents, First Chapter and a page of various resources to help you.

How We Used It


We were blessed to be able to participate in a year long Fallacy group last year and also used The Art of Argument: An Introduction to the Informal Fallacies with a review last year.  So when the Schoolhouse Review Crew asked if this product would work for us I said YES! I think that Nathan stepped easily into this resource because of the last year of study. 

We are not looking to finish this book quickly, so we are taking out time working on the book one day per week. The Schedule is on the Website gives a layout to finish this course in one semester with a 90 Day / 18 Week Semester Long schedule. If you wanted to finish in one semester, you would need to work on it every day. This would be great if you need one focused credit, or if you’d like to work on this with a teen co-op.

Nathan reads part of the lesson aloud, and part to himself.  Even on days that he reads to himself, he pauses often to talk about the text. I try to stay in the room when he is on his lesson. I think it is important for young men to be able to reason truth. To see a statement or thought and be able to discern what to believe.

Nate has had chats using the text on other subjects as well. He was studying Fear for youth group this week. He was able to use an example from the study about a girl being late for an appointment. I liked the way he used the reasoning from the text to reason out Fear.  He shares, “I think it I good. It teaches kids to . . . I wouldn’t say argue, but discuss things. It teaches them how to think things through with reasoning. Sometimes I jump to a worst case scenario, and I am working on that. They gave an example of reasoning out different options. I like doing the study.”



I am glad that we also received the Teacher’s Edition. It has answers written out with the full student text. I like being able to see sample essays, dialogs and arguments as well. Yesterday we saw a few teaching tips that helped, along with links to YouTube ideas. They gave a disclaimer of age appropriate content and we enjoyed the extra resource.


I fully believe that our young men should be equipped to speak clearly – and to listen clearly. The Discovery of Deduction is a great tool to help guide your students into deductive formal logic and reasoning.

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2 Responses to Classical Academic Press: Discovery of Deduction

  1. Jennifer says:

    I love your comments about young men learning to reason truth. This might be a good fit for my son when he is a bit older.

  2. Thank your for this review … I’ve had this series on my wish list for a while … I’m now more determined to add it to our curriculum in the future. 🙂

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