Fish Hatchery–Virtual Field Trip


Fish Hatchery Field Trips are a favorite of Petra School.

What we haven’t done, until this week – is time the actual fish stocking of Devils Lake. 

Thanks to a friend’s post on Facebook – we learned that the trucks were scheduled for 10:30 on Wednesday.  Knowing that we’ve missed the truck before, we showed up at 10. And waited. And Waited. And called the fish hatchery at 11, and found out the truck was on it’s way – after they had a lunch.  At just before noon – the truck arrived! Pulled up to the lake, took off the caps – and let er rip!






Homeschool friends and a rare pic of the hubby watching!






The workers, as usual, were super nice and answered our endless questions. They stocked both sides of the lake. I can’t tell you how thrilling those few moments were! Thanks for helping us finish up our virtual field trip of the Salmon River Fish Hatchery!

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2 Responses to Fish Hatchery–Virtual Field Trip

  1. Sherm says:

    Excellent field trip! I remember when they used to dump them out of a truck into Empire Lakes. You were pretty small then, but probably remember. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. Cori Cox says:

    Thanks for sharing!! I look like I’m taking a video of the fish, but really I was watching the action through my phone (it helps to press record!!). Glad we made it in time 🙂

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