Doorposts: Busy Mamas Bible Study~A Review


Thirty Days of Bible Study
for Busy Mamas

  • Colossians 3
  • Doorposts
  • Author: Pam Forster
  • Age: 13 – Adult
  • Pages: 93
  • $6.00 e-Book, $8.00 Soft Cover, $35.00 Book with Bible Study Kit – (Sale $27.00)

November is a busy holiday month for moms. Knowing this, in late October, Pam Forster challenged us, her blog readers,  to stay in the Word for  5 minutes a day. Then, she gave us to tools to do so. Each day she would post a portion of a precept on precept style Bible study focused on Colossians 3.  It is my joy to partner with them this this morning, to share with you that Doorposts created a soft cover beautiful book with the Thirty Days of Bible Study for Busy Mamas for you to purchase as a book!


The first day’s task in any precept style study is usually the most daunting. Reading the entire passage through. We read the book of Colossians to gain an overview of the entire book before focusing on Chapter 3.

Each day we would be given a focus word to mark in our bible.  Pam gives us examples of how he marks in her bible. Since I have done precept studies since 1995, I have my own symbols that do not match her suggestions.  The key for me, is to make sure you have a nice set of pens or colored pencils. Choose symbols that are easy for you to use and remember, and then be consistent. Once you start to enjoy this style of study, you will know how to do this with any portion of the Word. I created a simple white bookmark with my symbols to help me remember when I started, you might find that a bookmark helps you too.


I use Red for Christ/God/Spirit. After marking these words, I like to scan the text and make lists. What do I now know about Christ from this passage? That I have been raised up with Christ. That I need to seek Things Above. That Christ is Above. That He is seated at the Right hand of God. That I am hidden in Christ. That I am In God. That He will Appear. That He is my life. That I will appear with Him.

We did not make the lists every day, but since this is my habit, I do like to at least mentally create the list.  Pulling out key words, references to time, If / then/ Therefore, helps you to see the passage more deeply. And at 5 minutes a day – it is completely doable.



When I first started, many of us wondered if we could mark in our Bibles.  A few of us would print the passage out from the computer, double spaced, and used those sheets. After time, and getting to know the passage so intimately, we found that we wanted those notes in our favorite version of our personal Bible. You are getting to know the Word, the Author of the Word, so intimately, that the notes become precious.


I was also given an opportunity to receive an e-book. It is beautiful on my Kindle Fire. Unlike many books to PDF type ebooks, this one is formatted perfectly for ease of use.


The book is the perfect size to fit in your Bible cover or book bag. I’d set up a small bag with your bible, book, and marking devices. Set aside 5 minutes a day to be intentional in the Word. The last day of the week is a “Catch Up Day”. She also gives further or deeper study for that day if you choose.

Besides the tasks given, encouragement is strewn throughout the pages for busy Mamas. Pam Forster knows your heart and your weariness and your courage.  She will challenge you to dig deeper, think about our Savior, encourage our families, and stay on course.

I really enjoyed the Month of November with this Study. I am pleased that it was put in a book style. If I missed a day, it did take time to go through the blog posts to pull them out in order. Sometimes when looking for the post, an email would flash by or topic on Facebook and I’d be distracted. It is nice to be able to sit with the Kindle or Book and be intentionally focused. I could write several blog posts on what I gained out of Colossians 3 for sure. Thank you Pam Forster for writing these studies out for us!!

For the Soft Bound Book – This is a beautiful soft well bound book. The cover has a soft texture that feels pleasing to the fingers. The purple colors are muted and artistic. A gift quality publication for sure.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this soft bound book from Doorposts in exchange for posting a review on my website.

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