Morning Coffee on the SUP


Perking the coffee, looking to the west.  The Moon, so much larger to the naked eye, hangs over the water, reflection in the lake. The sun is just starting to slip above the eastern hillside to shine on the western tree tops.


Wetsuit on, nonslip coffee mug topped off favorite paddle and the new board. Water is flat. Air is warm.


Plugging in my headphones with albums Furious &  What if we were Real, and a few other random songs – I make my way two miles up the lake. Full sun, now, I hunker down on the board and sip the hot cup of joe. Sun is flooding my board and face.  Sooooo amazing. First warm air full sun no wind mirror lake day of the year that I have experienced. Only one other fisherman is experiencing this moment with me. Glorious.


I take my time paddling back to the eastern shoreline, as the sun has not peeked out yet on our side. We have company and a list of fun activities for our day – so heading back is necessary.  I am not unaware that today is Saturday – on the calendar the day after Christ was crucified. And I think of those disciples, who went to bed – or huddled together in a room, wondering – why did he die? Why didn’t he take the throne? What did they just spend the last few months or years of the life for? Who did they spend them for? Was it a lie? What did He say about dying? And they wait, in mourning – So glad that we were born in the generation that knows the whole story – that Mary will find an empty tomb – and run to tell the others, and the Jesus would seek her out – and comfort her heart – Thankful. Wonderful Stand Up Paddle today!

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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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