Salp– Amazing Sea Creatures


Salp Lincoln County Oregon

On the 12th of March, Nathan found a strange piece of rubber like jelly fish with a tentacle on it. We posted the photo on Facebook and asked our What Is It question.  (I like having my homeschool mom friends on my personal FB page. When I’m quiet here on the blog, it is probably because I’ve been chatty over there.) One of my friends came up with the answer – A Salp. (Article). If you Google Image search for Salp – the images are amazing! They are linked together in these really long chains.

Salp Whole

Salp Tenticle

We contacted Hatfield Marine Science Center and they agreed that it is a Salp. Tonight, while walking the beach in the misty fog, hubby found quite a few. He was wondering what they were, seeing that they were a different sort of Jelly Fish. I got to tell him that Nate found a part of one last month and that we knew what they were because we looked them up. He was pretty happy with us!

Salp Hallow

They are really hard, and they are hallow in the middle. You can open them sort of like a sock.

Salp Color

Salp Membrane

Pretty amazing how many creatures are in the sea to be discovered!

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