Mother India, Through the Eye of the Orphan, a Review and Giveaway

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I sit, in my cozy leather chair with a bucket of Movie popcorn on my lap. A cold beverage to my side. My son is at the baseball fields playing with his friends while 6 teams play the end of the day games. He waits to go to the movies and eat sweets with his friend.

We put in the movie Mother India, a review from Blogger Gateway. I wasn’t sure where it would go. I knew we were about to follow the adventure of two men who followed over 20 orphans in India. What I didn’t know, is that they would all be in the same spot, living as a family, on the streets and in the dirt of Tenali, India near the train. I’d be introduced to each child, the oldest about 22 years old.  In their own words, they would tell me their story. Tired, after a long day of baseball, I honestly didn’t know how much of it I would watch. I assumed that it would be ‘slow and boring’. I. Was. Wrong. So  Wrong.

Slowly, one by one, I fell in love with these street urchins from India. My heart grew as each story unfolded. Tears streamed at the injustice of many of them. As they shared how they came to live on the streets, how they lost limbs, and why they use drugs to help them sleep without pain.

I couldn’t help but think of our very blessed day. Without sharing the end of the movie, tears streamed quietly down my face, as I thought of how little could change their life, and how much we Americans long for in ours. But the ending, has you on the edge of your chair hoping, waiting, longing for change.

This would be the perfect movie for a classroom of children raising money for India – which is happening at Taft Elementary in our town. Or for the children who are collecting items for Christmas Shoeboxes. Or for your family – to have a reality check of how blessed we really are in America.

Even thought I know my sister in Christ, Rebecca St. James is a follower of Jesus ~ this presentation did not have any mention of Christ, God, Church, Mission – at all. Just the story of these kids. There is a plea at the end of the movie of encouraging people to share the mission and gives a few ways people can get involved.  This blog post is one way, sharing their story in social media. For my secular friends, and those in public classrooms, this movie should be good to view.  Know that for younger kids, they would be exposed to raw explanations by these children, that may need to be explained, however, it was not, in any way, the main part of the movie.  Here is a Video below. If you can not see it, the link to their YouTube is at the bottom of this post.


The Documentary Narrated by Rebecca St. James Captures the Lives of 25 Abandoned and Orphaned Children Living on the Streets in India

From the Publisher:

Winner of “Best Short Documentary” at the 2012 San Diego Christian Film Festival, Mother India is a compelling documentary that chronicles the adventure of 25 courageous orphans living as a family along the railway in Tenali, India.Mother India brings to light the struggles faced daily by over 31 million orphans in India and the challenge of rescuing them from a life of begging and addiction.

Mother India, is the work of first-time filmmakers David Trotter and Shawn Scheinoha.  “India is growing in both population and industry, but few people know that there are over 31 million orphans in this nation,” commented Trotter (Executive Producer, Director). “Each of these young lives is much more than a statistic. Every one of them has a name, a face and a story.” Scheinoha (Executive Producer) added, “We’re not out to just tell a tragic story. We’re focused on raising awareness and changing lives.”


Comment on this Post to be entered. A DVD will be mailed to the selected winner.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this movie for free from Blogger Gateway in exchange for sharing this movie with you on my blog.

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6 Responses to Mother India, Through the Eye of the Orphan, a Review and Giveaway

  1. amandaperko says:

    Thanks Ang! Toss my name in that hat. I hope you & those cute boys are doing well!!

  2. liza says:

    sounds like it would be good for my kids whom think they have nothing

  3. Love the review. So excited to see it with my boys!

  4. Anonymous says:

    A movie to help our own spoiled american children to appreciate their homes, sounds good.

  5. coricox says:

    Wow! That looks really interesting!

  6. The movie sounds interesting! I would love to win!

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