PNW Clean Water Classic


Watching Wave reports has become our life. I suffer through. Sitting on the beach, reading, watching the surf and the little wet suit clad groms fighting through the surf to make it to the outside, waiting for their wave in the set.

This past weekend was the PNW Clean Water Classic in Westport, Washington. Quite a few surfers from Lincoln City traveled up, rented camp spaces and enjoyed the party on the beach all weekend. In the rain, wind and cold. I stayed home and sent Jon with a car full of surfers.


He came back with a 3rd place Juniors trophy. 


He was pretty happy about it. I was a bit conflicted and confused.  Ya see, his best surfing buddy also came home with a 3rd place medallion for the Juniors division. They were in the same heat . . . how could they both win 3rd?  After a nice long chat with the Surfrider folks (amazing people) I learned that the heat was full, and they swapped two boys.  So Jon won in a different division as his friend. Pretty cool either way. They win off of points – and the points speak!


After we got back from the beach to take a photo – it was time for all good little groms to do their school work. we are enjoying IEW Teaching Writing with Structure and Style – Student Intensive B. He did the entire lesson with Andrew Pudewa on DVD. Then he did his geography on his own too.  I love the confidence that surfing gives a boy.  I also love that his coach won’t let him go to swell calls if he is behind on his schoolwork.  I might owe his coach a Ginger Beer.

Special thanks to the Oregon Surf Shop, Tigersharks Surf Team Coaches, and Surfrider for a great weekend!!!

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