Extra Field Time


Beautiful blue sky and freshly manicured fields.  Heat, friends and laughter.  There was only one thing missing – Practice on the Major’s field. Jon volunteered to help with the Farm League to get a bit more ball time. He has a few buds on the team Z, G, E & Miss T.




They put him in as catcher for the day. He got pretty hot.  He said catching was fun.  Squatting behind a pitching machine was not as intimidating as crouching down in front of a fast and hard pitching league boy.


Miss T is pretty serious.  She is on Fiy Yah!

Jon is following after his brother’s foot steps in the volunteering areas.  He is finding out that helping someone else – usually brings a lot of fun to the day along with extra possibilities to participate in areas that would have been closed. Thankful to this lil Farm League team – wishing them luck and remembering/practicing their skills during the World Series next weekend.

Having a couple of the coaches for the other Farm /Minor leagues ask if Jon could help at their practice made me smile.  It’s good for boys to feel needed!

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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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