Schooling in Summer



It’s a day in the life type of day  – Boys had a friend stay over last evening and we drove into town to deliver him to the local High School for class. (Friday is a no school day or extra work day in town).   We spent some time at the Beach, visiting friends at City Hall, Shopping at the Price N Pride Market, a stop in to wish a friend Happy Birthday at the Oregon Surf Shop, and then a drive home.


When we got home, Jon worked on his IEW Student Intensive B.  It took quite a bit of time to show/explain/tell what double spaced meant.  He re-wrote his work 3 times trying to figure it out.  Strange the things that we know that young children do not.

Moving forward to Geography   – we are in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Yesterday we were able to view a slide show from a local pastor’s trip to Israel. He took photos of objects I had not seen before. He thought to print and provide a map on 11/17 paper to help us track his journey while he shared the slides.  We had been in this area with our geography for a few days, perfect field trip!

Today Jon was distracted and I noticed he was spending a lot of time jumping lines when reading, so I pulled out our See-N-Read tools. We have the Half/Whole and Note Taker.  Once that was put on the page, his reading frustration cleared quickly!


Meanwhile, to the right, we are learning to factor polynomials and trinomials  and find the difference of squares? and and um, somethingernotherelse.  I had to peek at the book for 3 questions. It’s when it has a difference and you have to do the 3(x-1) (x+5) type thing at the end that I am mostly guessing and checking my answer. We’re on lesson 26 in Math U See Algebra 1. Nate took 2 weeks off to work on the Lights and Sound at the Cultural Center. Now we are back on track to finishing Algebra 1.


Today is Friday – so it is time for a little intentional walk around the flower gardens in our yard.  It has been raining for days; my sunflowers are pretty flooded!



Jon created a small garden on the deck. His plants are coming up nicely. He found this brick in the flowerbed when we were putting down cardboard before layering mulch. I think it is supposed to support the vines growing up our beams, but he thought it would make a nice radish pot.


Gratuitous photo of Rusty.  He got caught in a huge convection flash wind storm on the beach and had his fin box ripped out.  Russo, a local shaper, fixed the Stand Up Paddle Board right up. Rusty’s Rust color is a bit hard to match, but I think he did a beautiful job!

Moving along – How are the garden tubs doing?


I’m glad you asked. . . .





The roses are blooming all over the property. This yellow bush took a break last year – but seems to be bouncing back this year!


Here is the rest of our back yard . . .


It has been so dry, that the edge of the water was about 2 feet out beyond the log poking it’s head out. Now the water is up the the shoreline wall. After just a few days of rain. Amazing.



I don’t remember having a red Rhodie.  But we do this year. Wonder if he just got to far cut back a few years ago? Purple Rhododendron is beautifully glorious this year! Hard to tell but the Maple Tree is REALLY happy this year too.



Sorry. I just love my board. Sigh.  See his other boo boo?  He must have been dropped in the factory, and the hot/cold/wet/dry made it pop out.  Since he was at the Shaper’s House, he got that boo boo fixed too. See how nice of a paint job it is??? Pretty amazing.

Beef Stroganoff Crock Pot is going on with some boiled red potatoes. Hubby comes home for work in a half of an hour.  My stomach says we need to sample it beforehand . . . . He’ll understand right? 

This afternoon we have 2 hours of baseball practice on the High School’s “The Pit”.  It has turf. That should make for some beautiful photos!  This evening I’m invited to the town theater to use an extra ticket for a play. 

Oh – and our Social Studies Science Kit came in the mail too! It is from a new to me company – Moving Beyond the Page. 


Off to make some egg noodles for the lunch – and get ready to play some ball!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Remember to join in at the Handbook of Nature Study to be inspired to be intentional with your flower and veggie gardens this month!

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