First Interviews



At least the first one that required him to dress sharp, carry a resume and meet at an appointed time.

Teen years.  We keep meeting them new day by day. Learning growing and letting go.

I sat in the car yesterday – wondering how he was answering, what questions would be asked, wondering if his tics would show with his nervousness. I knew he would do well as he really enjoys the business that offered the interview and the other kids that work there. But I felt so powerless.

I prayed, and was reminded that my power – had been given to him in the days, weeks, and years before. 

All of those co-op classes standing in front of people and giving reports.

All of the community events learning to serve others when you’d rather be served.

The last 3 years of writing courses that helped polish the resume and job application.

The volunteer hours that helped to beef up his  ‘experience’.

His shared passion for hobbies that require cash to keep them up.

The years of character training – all getting ready for this moment.

And I’m not even really sure why this transaction felt so different. He’s worked for quite a few people in the community helping with odd jobs.  He worked for the month of June on the official payroll of an established Landscape/Building maintenance company. He has 3 people that want him to work this month for them and continues to volunteer in the community for quite a few organizations.

We waited this morning – for a phone call to come in at 9am.  It is now almost 11 and our phones have been silent. I have a heart mixed with relief and disappointment.  It would have meant a regular every day job in town in an industry that probably wouldn’t help him with his goals, other than the goal to have cash.

And hubby comes in and asks if he told me about the lady that came into the store?

“Remember the garage sale you took the boys to last Saturday?”  Do you mean the garage sale I made them walk up to by themselves?  “Ya, Must be.”

Well, I was called up to the store, the clerk said a lady was asking for me by name and needed to talk to me about my son.  (Insert 4 minutes of jokes by Nate and I about who would be coming into talk about Jon to his dad . . . snicker snicker snicker – ok so) The lady says she met Nate at her garage sale and she was really impressed with how he communicated and went through the products at their sale. They had quite a bit of items from their Karate business and Nate called his friend to see what items he would want. She was impressed at how he dealt with his friend and his excitement. She said there was something different and you could tell he was of a fine raising. She was excited to hear that he was homeschooled. She has some jobs around her house, and wanted to know if she could ask him to work for her, possibly even as a barter for karate lessons.

I asked hubby if he understood why Nate and I kept checking our phones this morning – and he didn’t realize we would hear about the Job at 9 from town.  So his story was good timing for this mama’s heart.

I also got a text yesterday confirming that a friend still needs him to do demolition on a project they have going on.

And he is still in line to get his Life Guard training next week.

Who has time for a full time employer at 15?

We still have 4-5 Algebra lessons to complete the year. (Do public school kids finish the entire book?) And he is going to do a pre-Geometry Lapbook next week and start a ‘How to study your Bible’ study for young men from Doorposts soon as well. Jon is going to start online Spanish lessons with a skype tutor from Guatemala.

I keep telling Nate that his job is to be a kid right now, and a student.

So has his phone chirps non stop with deals from Craigslist and now a FB Buy and Sell list for locals, and he has his whole Friday set with 4 stacked sale/trade/purchases – He’s not feeling too bad about not spending the week learning a new job.

How are you all doing with this weird stage of almost 16, almost an adult, almost.  It feels like a lot of almost and I have to just enjoy the All Ready Here.

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  1. Nice post…been there too with my boys. Things always seem to work out for the best and the power of prayer is amazing.

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