July Lake Tour


The moon hung high in the sky just a little before 8 in the morning on July 25th, 2013. The North winds have been blowing, but not blasting the last couple of days. I wanted to challenge myself to make it to Regatta Park and back before they picked up strong. Fun paddle south, can be miserable paddling north in the winds.


My slip proof cup broke, so I had to have coffee on the dock with the waterproof bible, and then gather the gear of the tags, life jacket and paddle.


Headed out – the sun is still blocked by the tall trees and hill to the east. I am enjoying my Rivera 11’6” Stand Up Paddle Board.  Smooth ride. Warner curve paddle makes the journey enjoyable.


The fog is still thick over the entrance to the D River.  You can see the wind is blowing from the west up to the lake.  Below – I saw that the City workers were cleaning up spider webs and sand from the park.  They were all smiling and working together – I had to run up and say thank you!!!


Back at the Regatta Swim Area – the water is crystal clear.  Not sure if the foggy days helped to kill off the Algea Blooms. They started up in about March this year with all of the sunny days.  Right now, in front of our house, you can see every pebble, board and carp from the house on the second floor.  Beautiful water!


Time to turn back – will I make it before the wind picks up?



The wind was rippin’ through Holmes Road to Sand Point, that made for a nice 15 minute workout.  But as soon as I was sheltered by the point at Neotsu, the water flattened out again. Almost got bored with such a flat ride. Almost.



Thanks for coming along with my on the Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP Board).

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