Trim Healthy Mama–Week 1–Book Finished!


Here’s what the Trim Healthy Mama book looks like after 9 days. 

We read it off and on during the weekend, mostly my visiting guest browsing through it. On Monday I became obsessed with the book – and joy and confidence it stirred in me that I could DO THIS.



My goal, since – um the 6 months – has been to cut white flour and white sugar out of my diet. To cut down the dependence of Noodles and Rice as filler in our meals. As my teen hit 6’2” I started looking for ways to fuel him – and not drain the bank account. However, most of the advice I met with on line was to offer unlimited potatoes, noodles, rice and bread. He’s not really growing up anymore, and like myself – he has a tendency to grow out when he’s not exercising.

I have been on a huge Whole Foods movement since I quit Adkins years back and tried Weight Watchers  Whole Foods – and have grown to learn how wonderful fresh home made organic food is for a body.  The boys are healthy, we are healthy – and I feel like I’m giving them great food.

However – Since last year, we started hanging out with surfers and they really don’t eat grains. Not as a main filler, but as a side thought.  How do I get our meals to turn around – so that grain is a side dish and not the main entertainment? How do I make veggies the main dish – with a side of meat and a thought towards a grain?

I’ve asked a lot of people that seem trim and eat A LOT  – what do you eat? What do you shop for? What is your menu. The problem I’ve found, is that trim people who eat this way naturally – don’t really think about it.  So I am thankful for Serene and Pearl who took 5 years to write it down, after so many people asked them.

SO – one week later – Zero White flour products – Zero White sugar products – and I feel fantastic.  I have had rye crackers, oats,  quinoa, and foods like apples and peaches. I enjoyed a carb balance wrap on a huge fajita. We’ve enjoyed a wide assortment of veggies.

Before each meal, I’d open the THM book to find a Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner ideas. If I didn’t have the ingredient, I’d just pick it up on the next run through town.  Same with snacks and deserts. Since we had been eating healthier – really all we changed was not adding 2 pieces of bread or a cup of noodles to each meal.

I also found a wealth of support on the FB forums for THM. Many folks have been doing this for 7-9 months together and have created files, photos and tips to help answer questions left from reading the book. Serene and Pearl are working on a second version of the book to incorporate these, which might be out in a year or so.

Quick Easy List of E and S Ingredients.

Grocery List in Photographs from Joy in Our Journey!

I’ve seen dozens of before and after photographs, with bodies that look very similar to mine. 3-4 months to get rid of the tire under my rib cage. I’m stoked.

After 7 days of playing with the meals, figuring things out, and excluding white flour and sugar, I’m down 6 pounds. I don’t expect more weeks like this as it isn’t designed to be a  get skinny quick eating pattern.  I was really bloated from seriously  overdoing the white four.

At this point – my goals are still not focused on weight loss as a number.  I want to be able to fit into a female wetsuit. They don’t make those in my size. I’d like to not see a tire in a full body photograph. I’d like to start the exercise program idea in the last chapters of the book. I want to be more aware of the foods the boys are eating, and helping them make healthier choices with the combination of foods.

I just watched a commercial of Mc Donalds bragging about their new heathier fresher menu items. All I saw was Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar – instead of what they want us to see  as Les Fat, Less Fat, Less Fat. Nature Valley is on now, with fresh baked oatmeal squares. They say it has a drizzle of cinnamon. What they are not saying is that it is a drizzle of sugar – with a but of cinnamon in it. Sorry –just distracted by crazy food commercials trying to make moms feel better about healthier choices.

But back to the book – and Serene and Pearl, and all of my new online buddies on the forum – I am excited. I am off to go sort out the fridge after a huge farmers market shopping spree yesterday.  Thinking of some zucchini fritters for breakfast.  Thoughts go towards what I want to pack for our lunch on the go today. 

Still learning – still searching – but digging in to do this.

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7 Responses to Trim Healthy Mama–Week 1–Book Finished!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oops I forgot to include my email. I’m wanting to know where I can find the S and E ingredient list that you posted a picture of. Thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, can you tell me where you got the list you posted a picture of that has the S and E ingredients. Thanks so much

    • pebblekeeper says:

      Hi! The list is on the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook Page Files.

      • pebblekeeper says:

        Sorry, The Trim Healthy Mama Facebook Group is a closed group. We are not supposed to share outside of the group. Join the FB group, and then look at the files. I just saw a List, Pocket Sized on the first page of the files. Hope you find it! Sorry to be vague.

  3. You can do it! I am living proof that just being conscious of what goes into your mouth and keeping moving works. I now wonder what took me so long to do this. I think a lot of it was I was feeding three boys and thinking I could eat like they do at 50 years old. Anyway…I wish you the best and know you can make your goals.

  4. This has been the most fun and exciting “diet” I’ve ever heard of! I looked forward to choosing what to eat! And I understand about the fast food commercials… I’m always telling my husband the untruths being dished out! Lol. Excited to follow you on this journey!

  5. briana says:

    Great job! I’m so tempted to get this book even though I already eat paleo. One of the things that really helps my body shape is lifting weights. I just use dumbbells or do bodyweight exercises. You can change your size a lot without losing much just by eating right and converting some fat to muscle. Go for that wetsuit, you’re gonna be fabulous!!!

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