Hubby is Ready for Workboxes


Hubby comes home and has the boys unload the back of his truck. With a huge grin he presents me with these to shelving units.  You may notice that they are on castors and the baskets come out. They are quite deep, any book /box/ project could fit there.  They were from a product display at a store in town and he picked them up in their bargain bin area! He was super excited and thought I could use them for our homeschooling.

I think what he meant was that it is time to see some organizing of our crazy classroom!


One unit is missing a basket, he thinks it is in his truck.  He thought we could use one unit for each boy for their subjects. We share a lot of supplies except for writing and math.

I’m thinking I have a new wetsuit bootie/gloves/hoodie drying rack.

And we might try these shelves instead of workboxes this year. Make these more like shelving unit workboxes. Mon – Friday with their individual work in a smaller space? Science/History/Reading/Art/Etc? 


In Oregon – School doesn’t start in town til September.  We’ve had rain and hard wind and fog til this week. I’m thinking of dragging out summer through September . . .save for our review items. But I think Hubby will like to see these utilized in the next couple of days, so I’ll be on it!

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