THM End of Week 3


I can’t believe we are rounding out week three!  My scale is almost at the “Bend, Oregon” weight, which means I’ve now lost the weight I gained the last 4 years living in the rain.  Woot!  About 16 pounds down!

I am learning to trust their fuel pull system of burning fuel.  I lean towards being a carb-a-phobic when it comes to meals.  Reading through the dozens of testimonies each week has helped my trust factor.  This week we added in quite a few more E-Energizing meals. That means that the meal can have up to 45 carbs.  Even though we are not supposed to ‘count’ but go on portion, I just can’t help myself. Yesterday I had my first sandwich with two pieces of sprouted bread. I am happy to report that I did not crave grains or sweets! It also kept me full for quite a few hours.

Now that I am looking at food as fuel in a whole different light – I can’t help but be a ‘body watcher’ around town.  I see those on gluten free diets, raw, whole food, shakes, etc and can see how their shape changes, or hasn’t really changed.  Matching it to results on THM is a new hobby. I have friends that run – A Lot – and I’d love to tell them about proteins fats and fuel.  I fear that my only conversations lately revolve around new food discoveries.

A friend came up to chat while we were talking recipes and she turned around and said – “Oh Diets” and walked off. I can’t explain it clearly that I really REALLY don’t feel like I’m on a a diet. I can, besides flour/sugar/processed foods, eat anything I want. I just need to plan when and how I eat it. What I pair the food up with. Plan ahead for outings around town. I can even have a veggie 6” subway sandwich if I needed to.

Today is payday – and I’m looking forward to filling some of my lows like olive Oil and Coconut Oil.  I am going to hunt out some extracts and essential oils for more flavors. After 3 weeks of shopping this way our pantry, cooking cupboard and fridge have transformed. We did buy one loaf of bread so the boys could have the sandwiches they like, but the loaf is still only half way used. The items that seemed expensive the first week have been long lasting. I might even splurge and buy an extra bag of almond flour to make some cookies this week!

Thanks for following along. I’m trying my hardest not to use FB as a Twitter feed to update you on my every joy and excitement. At least there are a few THM groups on FB that I can prattle on and on with.  I have never seen the light of loosing, even on Adkins, and seeing the loss as being a full time life style change.  Joy!

The boys are slimming down, hubby is slimming down, and I am slimming. My joints feel fantastic, my energy is amazing, my afternoon headaches are gone, swelling around my joints and face is gone, my fingernails look fantastic, my skin is glowing – I just can’t express how well this system works for me!  My hubby tried to wipe a smudge off of my face the other day and said – “Oh , that’s a shadow, you have cheekbones!”. He says my rear is getting pretty small too.  I purchased all new bras a week before we started, and they are all pretty big now. Tugging Tugging Tugging.  I did feel bad for wasting all of that money – but I will enjoy sizing down!

This week I am going to try more of their drinks. Today, the photo above, is for the Good Girl Moonshine.

I’m going to get back to having Vitamin Water in the fridge (Lime, Mint, Strawberries soaked overnight in water).

They have a fat stripping tea – Oolong with a bunch – o –stuff, so I’m on the hunt for Oolong Tea.

How are you doing with your summer goals?

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