Cleaning the Resource Room!



This is actually the “After” shot.  Last week you couldn’t see the red carpet, all of the shelves were stuffed to overflowing, and there wasn’t a counter to be seen.

I posted on Facebook that I’d be purging the resource room.  Last year I took out 3 large totes of books to the First Day of No School Day to pass out.  Such is the life of an Unschooler/Relaxed Learner reviewer. Ha.  I thought I’d have a lot of things to give away, but that pile of books there on the floor is all I have.  Two people stopped by and left with an armful, but nothing like last year. 

One thing that has changed is how our Schoolhouse Review Crew does their Vendor Interest Forms. We are able to clearly state How and Why we will use the item.  Every item this year got used, or will be used more intently this fall and winter.  I can’t really think of a product that we received that wasn’t a total answer to prayer for our educational needs.

The pile underneath the white shelf needs cleaned up.  Lots of crafts/glue gun/ wooden blocks/etc for the boys to dig around in when they get a hankering to create something.

P1120188This is our main resource shelf.  Math, Writing, Science, Art, Character, Geography, Logic, Latin, Sign Language, Robotics, & Electronics.  The grey and green tub holds pieces from 2 years of Lego Robotics, the tubs of the robot were loaned out to our local Block Heads team. Go Block Heads!


I am going to use this new shelving unit for our Art Supplies and School Supplies.  hmm, I see that some items have already been placed on top . . .That is my fear that more shelves will collect more junk. I’ll work on keeping this one cleaned up.  See the amounts of pens and pencils in the white tool turnabout? Ya, I’ll give a report on how many are still there come September 10th. Giggle.



I turned an entertainment center into my main craft cupboard. Everything is in little labeled totes and easy to pull out for individual projects. The white book shelf has some non fiction reading and our growing collection of notebooking pages.  I’m wondering, how long am I supposed to keep these notebooks?  I really enjoy their nature journals. Maybe I’ll give them to their wives when they get married. Ha.


My desk.  Enough room to quietly work with a boy. Or stamp. Or plan. The closet behind the curtain is full to about the level of the table. We live in a really wet environment so I store our family paper items/photos/file cabinet type things back there.

I know I should be excited to go around the room one more time pulling things I’m pretty sure I will not use again, but looking at that empty table just makes me want to stamp some pretty fall cards and mail them out!

The school year planning that I did in the Spring, purchasing most of what we needed early summer, has helped me to have a very relaxed and joyful late summer. We are going to squeeze every last drop of warm sunshine out of the air until it is gone!

Off to surfing today – large group going out!  WOOT! No stamping for me!

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4 Responses to Cleaning the Resource Room!

  1. Y Prior says:

    Thanks for sharing about your resource room – I must admit that when my boys were in the elementary grades – I never did find a system that worked the same every year – or sometimes even one that lasted for the entire year 😉 – We are now in the high school years and have much less to store – and that has helped. anyhow, I love the tip you shared in this post about being intentional to clearly note “How and Why and item will be used” – thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks totally different then it did when I was there – you must have been hard at work all day!!! Next time I will have to bring coffee so we can sit back and chatter for longer 😉

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