Feelin’ Spry Ready for a New Season!

Woke up this morning to be socked in with Fog so swell call has been delayed. Dawn patrol will be more like – Late Morning Swim. Jon wakes up every 15 minutes or so to shout out, “Swell Call Yet?”

So I sneek into the kitchen for some grub. Shredded zucchini goes in the pan to crisp up in a little butter. Crimini Mushrooms sliced thin start to sizzle to the side. Scrambled eggs light and fluffy – and a couple of cheese crispies have space in the pan as well.  Stack it all up nicely on the plate with a little pepper and sea salt – and it’s a beautiful breakfast. Steamy hot coffee with cream help to face the white fog outside my window.

Hubby went to have his long awaited shoulder surgery yesterday. He came out great. He is hooked up to an ice cooler that pumps cold water to his shoulder. Not to complain but it is loud. I kept telling myself all night at least it’s not connected to me! ha. He’ll have a week of sitting up in a chair and then we’ll see the doctor find out what sort of recovery times and activities will be in store for us.  Thanks for all your prayers. Broke the bone and ripped the muscles on January 8th at work, Workman’s Comp and the company not wanting to do the surgery – bone healed with the Lord’s help. Rotator cuff needed clamps and a bone spur removed. He should have full range of motion now.

Which leads to the start of the school year.  Our schedule will now be wonky. Is it too much to dream that with having hubby home we will be doing reading and seat work earlier in the day, not waiting til he goes to work at 10? Or will the boys stay up late every night with dad creating late start mornings? I am an early morning girl. Hate to get my hopes up.

We have our school work all lined up and a few items still in transit with shipping. I’ll share a full ‘what we are doing’ post as we start. I’m pretty excited for this year.  We will be in the 1600-1920’s for a time frame, chemistry for both boys, Geometry for Nate, MUS Zeta for Jon, and Harmony Fine Arts 7th and 10th grade for both, along with our nature study and surf team.

I enjoy volunteering for the city during the fall/winter/spring.  This tourist town practically shuts down after school starts, so visitor center works hard to line up activities for the weekend to lure folks to join in.  Got a few assignments yesterday that sound like fun. Looking forward to the next Kite Festival in October. Fun Times!

One fun new part of our THM (Trim Healthy Mama) journey – is that hubby and I both got weighed yesterday at the hospital. I had to face a huge weird hangup I’ve had for years. I’ve known our bathroom scale was on the lighter side by 7-10 pounds.  If I weighed at the doctor – for the last 8+ years, the number was always exactly the same. Weigh at home, all over the place. The scale finally really broke a couple of weeks ago.

Hubby has lost 22 pounds and I have lost 15. It’s a little disheartening, because the number at the hospital was 10 pounds higher than at home – but it felt good to see what a ‘real’ weight is, and that that number has FINALLY started to drop. We are ending our 4th week on the plan and going strong. It is getting easier to plan and prepare. I can make the worlds greatest S-Satisfying meals (Fats no/little carbs) but it seems to always go into cross over with E-Energizing (Healthy carbs/1 tsp fat) .  Crossovers would be when I use my healthy grains, but then have too much fat in the meal. Like Tuna Sandwiches. I just don’t like Fat Free products like Mayo and cottage cheese and half and half and such. So technically – if I have pancakes for breakfast, I should skip the cream in my coffee? What??? Sigh. I’ve tried other things but I really Really REALLY enjoy my one cup of hot dark coffee with a splash of cream. Maybe I could wean myself to one tsp in my cup.

We went to Bi-Mart yesterday and bought a new scale.  All four of us had to adjust to the new numbers.  It does go to prove we are not a number – but that this is about our energy, health, my thryroid, hubby’s many physical disabilities, and the health of the boys’ growing bodies.

Surf Team is going to work more on Nutrition training to go with our Fitness Training. I’m excited for that part this winter.

So I wait for the fog to lift off of the ocean so these groms can get in the water safely. We have a big wave surfer in town and he wants to take the boys out. I’ll post pictures of Jon’s first ocean tow ride.  Shiver me timbers and down to my toes. Are 12 yr olds supposed to do that?

An adventure always awaits . . .

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