First Ocean Tow Surf


Have I mentioned that our Surf Team coaches are some amazing Big Wave Tow Surfers? I suppose I should have known that it was only a matter of time before they had my boys out on the ski. I didn’t know that day would be last Sunday!


The ocean was really glassy and flat – so it wasn’t too bad for this mama.  I just wasn’t expecting it. They went out on a swell call, and I came to pick them up and found all the gear on the beach.  They were mostly working on safety drills, picking up riders, dropping them off, working on driving through the very soft small shore breaks.


Both of the boys still have a twinge of fear with the ‘big far way out there open ocean water’ scene. Jon is above being towed by his coach Keith. They would ride up to a wave and Jon would drop off with his board. 



He still enjoys squirreling around more than training. He’s working on  front and back flip dismounts. He’s got quite a bit more tuck and roll now than in this picture on Sunday.



We are just a storm system away though – to turn this small swell into some gnarly surf – best served on a ski – crashing 40 feet high on the reef out to the left off shore. He still has a few more years for that part of surfing. Not sure if mom will ever be ready for big wave surfing.

Hanging out with this crowd – He’s just a few years away.

Team Sponsors KLG Adventures and Big Wave Addicts.  – Keith and Eric – Surf Coaches.

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