Cape Kawanda Longboard Classic 15th Annual–Family Fun!


Weather forecasted rains and pretty high waves.  Too big, too high of winds, too wet for most.  Emails went out asking for competitors to verify if they were going to brave the weekend and drive to the Coast. Since we had our reservations paid for at the Cape Kawanda RV Resort with our snug little cabin – we were in  – rain or shine.

Which was a good move. All of our local friends, save for one family, backed out.  We woke to bluish skies no wind and glassy waves. Big, But beautiful.


Nate had his first heat at 10:40 in the morning. 6 kids at a time, ages 13-17 paddled out in two heats.


It was too hard to paddle straight into the surf, too much power. Time to head to the wall and take the rip out.


He made it out, and dropped in on a nice wave, but I didn’t get it of course. The above is him paddling out, and the below is the coming to shore part.


He braved the ocean for the full 20 minutes, continuing to charge the waves. Spent the second half of his 20 minute heat in the white wash playing around poppin up, riding to shore. Over and Over in the powerful storm surged surf. He was exhausted when the flags signaled his heat was over!


In between heats there is a lot of time to meet the other families, surfers, and tourists. Jon has made a friend the last 3 contests he’s participated. These two messed around all weekend. Funny boys! This lil grom is 7 and wins competitions!



Beautiful place to spend the weekend, Pacific City.



Jon’s heat wasn’t until 4:00. That’s a long time to wait for a lil 12 year old grom.  The waves were pretty large, powerful still.  Many people were surfing the white water.  This is his  – I am not sure I can do this or am very excited look.


Jon used the rip against the wall to paddle to the outside and dropped into his first set like a pro. I was so excited. I could tell he had his focused stoke rev’d up.


Over and over, charge, drop turn, ride. Paddle, turn, charge, drop ride. I like it below, this is how crazy of a paddle to the outside it was. This is about half way out.



The last swell before the outside. He’s looking to see if I’m watching from the cliff.


Drop in:



He’s still in there, see him?


He shoots out – and stays on his board.


And he plays with footwork to shore.


Wave tries to cover up again – he rode this whole long wave to the last as the crowd cheered on.


Nate’s Turn – He got 3rd in his heat in round one and made it to the finals. These are boys we’ve looked up to as surfers. Pretty humbling to paddle out with them. They knew Nate was a beginner, just a participant and they were so – so very – kind to him.


He rode the one wave out from the outside, then walked down the beach to be with his friend. They had a fun time catching closer to shore waves and playing with their foot work on the longboards.


Nate ended up getting 5th in the finals, got to go up on stage and get a prize bag.  Jon ended up 1st place 12 and unders. His stoke is fueled! Always an honor to surf with the best at the Oregon Coast!


One of my favorite shots of Jon taken by a friend, dropping in on the outside and turning down the wave.  So very fun to watch this fearless charger in the water!


Thank you to everyone that supports us, encourages us, trains Jon and Nate, throws us used gear, and watches him in Lincoln City. Thank you to all of the Vendors that made the event possible. Too hard to list so many.  Thank you to Jeff at Moment Surf Company for putting on a fun family centered event.

Thanks that can not be spoken to the extent that would describe adequately go out to our gang at the Oregon Surf Shop – They know our stoke and gratitude. 

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3 Responses to Cape Kawanda Longboard Classic 15th Annual–Family Fun!

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  2. coricox says:

    I’m so happy for the boys!! Looks like an amazing weekend!!

  3. Y Prior says:

    wow – those pictures of the boys surfing took my breathe away – and for some reason, the extra ones added (you know as opposed to just putting up one or two) well the multiple shots added splash of the ocean our way! Thx

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