THM Week 9 Going Strong! Feeling Strong!



The first photo above, taken a year ago – was a wake up call. I felt like I was ‘sucking it in’ for all I was worth. And yet, There is a huge tube, wrapped around my  middle. It made me exercise more. More ‘core’ centered activities. More whole food. More fruit and veggies and smoothies. I did feel better – but my size didn’t change.  Today, on a rainy blustery soup filled day, I pulled this, my once favorite T from the bottom of the stack. I laughed as it hangs and slooshes back and forth on my frame.  Sorry for the weird facial expression in the third photo – but this is how I look this morning. My fingers are just an inch or so away from my waist. I can’t believe how much shrinkage has happened to my middle in 8 full weeks.

I’ve shared the photos below – the big eye opener of a photo taken by a friend.  Using my board to hide the huge tube. Again, remembering to angle my face, suck it all in, stand straight, and still – wowza. Not what I think I look like in my head.


Here is me today – Curves, way loose wet suit. Folds of wetsuit all around. Eazy no suckin zipping of the suit. I haven’t worn this one since the end of July. Should have been sufficatingly tight. Not today.



Feels good to have my photo taken – I’m still on this journey – my body may still change – may not. Might hit a plateau for months. Happens to others on THM.

As of this morning – I’ve lost 23 pounds since August 2nd, 2013. I’ve gone from a size 18 to a size 14. When I hit a size 12, comfortably, I’m ordering a girl’s wetsuit.

But it is more than a number on a scale –

This morning I put on a necklace I purchased 5 years ago. I had to buy a necklace extender to make the choker fit. The extender is about 4 inches long. Today, it hung way too low with it on, had to take the extender off. Even without it, it is no longer a choker – but hangs in a V.

Needed a pair of jeans for church this morning. Pulled  a couple out of the bottom of the drawer. “Old Lady Mom Jeans” . However, they fit. I had to put on a new button last winter and used them for beach walking. Always wore a long sweatshirt so you didn’t see how funky and way to tight they fit. Today – the button went to my belly button with 2-3 inches of space to pull it out. I wore them all day, comfy as sweats. I probably won’t go back to ‘mom jeans’ but I felt so good wearing high rise pants that didn’t cut off my circulation, that I didn’t mind pulling them up all day.

I used to pull off my shoes as soon as I hit the house. Now, I’ll forget to take them off until I want to curl up on the couch. They are super loose, all of my shoes are. No more swollen feet. No more fatty feet. No more.

I am, for the first time in years, loving the body that God created. I’m taking care of it better than I have my whole entire life. I feel like Trim Healthy Mama finally gave me a plan that makes sense to me, and obviously vamps up my  metabolism and burns fat.  I’ve had periods where I worked on ‘being happy that God created me this way’ meaning large thick and stocky.

For the first time, since my thyroid went nuts about 1995 or 96 – I can see me getting back into that pre thyroid body. I can feel it. About one pound per week, body keeps shrinking.  Thanks for supporting me in the journey!

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4 Responses to THM Week 9 Going Strong! Feeling Strong!

  1. Sarah H. says:

    How inspiring! I’ve been on THM since the day after Labor Day this year. I’ve only lost about 8 pounds, but the change in my body is amazing too. Seeing women like you encourages me to keep going! Way to go! You are doing awesome! And I know it feels so good too.

  2. YAY!! I LOVE that you are feeling great! I’ve had similar results. 25 pounds down this morning instead of 28 or 29. lol Fluctuates. Holding steady though. Until I feel ready to do some more….

  3. Carissa (Mrs. Taffy) says:

    So very happy for you Angie!! I’m stuck in a plateau…but if I never loose another pound I’m content and so thankful to not feel like the “fattest mom in the room!” You look terrific!

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