Maybe ya just need a bigger board


We took a trip to the Southern Oregon Coast to visit my folks this week and loaded our boards so we could play.  We were quite excited until the night we arrived and our littlest grom said he forgot his wetsuit. Well – Guess we will head around town and visit the two surf shops here and share some stoke.

And that is when we learned what we truly truly have in the Oregon Surf Shop and our board shaper Russo, the local surfers. Here in Coos Bay, they have ‘Surf Shops’ and both employees we talked to have not surfed. They skate and play music. They didn’t know anything about the products that they were renting. They didn’t know about the thickness of suits or the temperature of the ocean. They didn’t know how to use the many SUPs they had for rent or how the different shapes performed. I left with my mouth wide open, er rather shut. We are surrounded by such a wealth of knowledge and experience that is freely given to our family.  I will not take that for granted.

We picked him up a size 14 4/3 suit, zipper in the back, and headed to Sunset Bay.

It was pretty flat, but Jon couldn’t help but keep hoping, wishing, praying for just a little swell.


He rode a couple of tiny ones on his soft top, then switched to the SUP.


It doesn’t look like it, but that lil swell is just big enough to pick up the board.



Did you see his feet above? He’s jumping up to switch his feet position.


This lil grom will ride anything!

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