Sunday Ponderings


Still surfing this winter. We didn’t end up going to the Volcom Santa Cruz competition on the 16th of November. Drivers were stretched thin and the waves were looking to be pretty flat. We’re going to plan a huge 10 day trip in January – hitting two competitions – and having a blast surfing the coastline.


We are still going strong on eating without White flour or White Sugar, including Pasta, Rice and Potatoes.  Steady loosing a pound a week, until 3 weeks ago, and hit a stall. This morning the scale moved down, smaller than I’ve been, but still at 29 pounds lost. I’d like to get to 30, it would just make me feel better. Went from a tight 18 to a 12 in pants. My shirts and jackets are hanging on me. Hubby and the boys have also lost – all together we are at 90 lbs as a family.

My body has really adapted well to the S&E plan spelled out in the Trim Healthy Mama book. I took a 2 hour beach hike on Saturday morning and on the way home I felt my body crave carbs. Not bread, or donuts, or cereal – but carbs. I thought of THM Pancakes made with Oats, Cottage Cheese and Egg whites and looked forward to going home and whipping up a batch. I thought of ‘empty calories’ on the way home and how nice that my addiction to white bread and white sugar treats has been gone. Before, I’d be craving a sweet bakery treat, a reward of sorts I’d tell myself, for the long hike. My body – was letting me know what it needed, nourishment, refueling – not just sugar carbs. We are not the strictest on the plan of the foods recommended in the book – but we are strict on the pattern of eating: Not mixing carbs with fats while trying to loose weight.  It has been amazing to have meals that are not centered on bread, noodles or rice. Freedom with food. Awesome.


Jon is working with a board shaper to have a custom performance longboard. It will have the similar attributes to the soft top – thick, bouyant, but the rails will be better to cut into the wave and for turns. He won’t have to just drop to the bottom of the wave each ride. I got a photo of it today, before the paint is put on.


At least the board got to barrel. Ha.

School is going well. We are focused on Math, Music, Art History, Chemistry, and Writing. Both boys are going to be doing SWIB for a while. Nate is jumping in with chapter 6. They both are doing great on their paragraphs. We still have not received ANY feedback from the online essay class – Easy Essay Writing from Bridgeway Academy. I’d have to 100 percent say the course was not worth $245.00. Nate is a bit disappointed that he turned in all the homework, but didn’t receive any feedback.


Nate is back from camp, Jon swimming with some surfing friends, and I was enjoying a nice quiet afternoon with the rain. Hubby’s birthday today! Looking forward to a great meal tonight as a  family.

Now that the reviews are done until February – I’ll have to share more of our days with you!

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