This Writer’s Purpose?

I give a question mark, because I am unsure this morning.  I feel like I’ve been in a writer’s rut, typing out posts that are really rough drafts of thoughts in my mind, hitting submit before the boys interrupt me for the 6th time.


I started Petra School blog when we moved to Central Oregon to share our journey with my family.  I think I wrote 10-15 articles in those years. Most of them started with the new blog smell – “Hello. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, I’ll try to write more often.”

When we moved to the Oregon Coast, I started two blogs on blogger. Beach Schooling and Lake Schooling. I didn’t want to bog down my “Petra School” readers with a hundreds of sunsets, birds, and wave photography. A year later, I was a bit frazzled of running three blogs and merged them all into this wordpress platform with three main categories instead. It was tongue in cheek to something hubby said, “Sometimes ya’ll even do Some Schooling”. So that was the start to Beach Schooling, Lake Schooling and Some Schooling, but all under the umbrella of Petra School.


For several years we wrote our struggles  and triumphs with elementary and middle school. We participated in blog carnivals with Nature, Music, and Art. I started on with The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew and started my review posts.

The past few months, the boys are just not that excited about doing nature hikes with the intention of opening field guides and doing written narrations. We’ve been so busy and have a wonderful oral narration to our day that I haven’t forced the work.

As you have seen we have started a journey with the Ocean and Lake with Surfing and Stand up Paddling. You might say we are a tad bit obsessed. Many opportunities are coming to the boys through their love for the water that we are fanning that flame.

I started writing more posts about being a grom mom, since I’ve only found two other blogs from moms of surfers. This is a huge new world to me. I often say the wrong thing, buy the wrong equipment, post the wrong photo. But I’ve also learned a lot. I am learning the vocabulary, what the different shapes/sizes of boards are for and the other equipment needs with various leashes, fins and wetsuits. Our family hangs out like surf rats at our local surf shop, the Oregon Surf Shop. Today we even have an appointment to hang out in the garage of a shaper in town, Russo.

After all of the hard work in elementary school – the learning part has become so easy. Math, chemistry, reading, art, geography. I can’t say enough how lucky or fruitful I feel to have boys who love to learn. I want to continue writing about our days, in a couple of weeks they will both be teenagers. One of my main goals of writing when we moved here was to share our love for learning at home. We live in an area where I know 4 teen homeschoolers in town. A few kids 40 minutes south of us. I want to connect with teen homeschoolers.


What do you like from Petra School? Do you stop by on surf days? Chemistry days? Reviews? Have you come recently to hear about my Trim Healthy Mama news? For now, we’ll keep up our posts based on our days.  I’ll be pondering  . . . .


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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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