Cascade Head Reserve, a Morning Walk


A friend and fellow photo enthusiast asked if I would hike Cascade Head with her on Sunday Morning – It took about 2 seconds to type Yes! This is very close to our home, just a short drive up Highway 101 and then down a long gravel road out to the head.


The trail is about a mile long, slight incline, out to the open pasture. I was mindful of mushrooms since we are studying those in our Nature Studies this week. Dogs are not allowed in this area, and it is closed for several months of the year to protect the trail and to protect a Butterfly migration of sorts.


We have only hiked this in the spring, with beautiful leaves and countless delights growing along the trail. Very strange to see it empty, and yet full. Although my camera doesn’t show it, the sky was a crisp bright blue.





We were where the little guy is up there, and ‘cheated’ by walking straight out.


This is the first view of the top as one steps out of the mile long forest hike.


Today’s visibility was fantastic. We’ve been up here above the clouds, or with fog on the ground. I think this is the first clear view day hike for us.



The spit on the bottom is from the Salmon River, the piece of land there stretching into the ocean is called the Knob by folks in town.


The Knob is the ending of Lincoln City to the North (This is looking south) then you can follow the 7 and a half miles of beach for town, broken by the Siletz River/Bay then travel on to the Salishan Spit, to Gleneden Beach and along Lincoln Beach out to the Fishing Rock State Park. Fogarty Creek State Park is beyond that last rock.


A view of the Salmon River.





This is the view of the lake. Our arm is not quite in this shot. This is similar to the photo on my blog header, facing south instead of north. The Salmon River, Devils Lake, and Siletz Bay are the bodies of water on the left, with the beautiful shoreline to the right.

There are so many places to explore here. My friend and I had a wonderful time taking photos and just lying in the grass while looking out at the vistas. We still had time to make it to church by the second song, and enjoy a fun full packed day. This, my friend, is why we love Lincoln City!

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  1. What an awesome entry! I would love for you to send this in to the OHC Blog Carnival…your fungus are amazing.

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