Learning Room is ready for a new week!



Spent some time tiding up this space. It’s a long multipurpose room.  The photo above is the cozy futon bed/reading computer nook.  I love this little space. The laundry room is just outside of the door to the right, so the laundry tends to pile up on the futon during folding / stacking times. I love it when it is all caught up and cleared off!


We have various wetsuit pieces that dry on this rack. Many booties, gloves and hoodies. We have 5 wetsuits – 1 each for Jon, Nate and me, then 2 extra for Jon’s friends. We have SUP paddles, life jackets and extra boards here too. Oh, and behind all of that is the discovery shelf and field guides. I need to relocate the red board so I can easily get to the field guides again.


This is how it looks from the sliding glass door. 


We keep their work boxes on the bench, ready for a new day. I put their lists up on the white board, and coffee ready over there to the right!


The view from the dining /gaming/craft/learning table.

Now that we are all cleaned up – I’m ready to lesson plan this afternoon. We really are functioning on ‘do the next page’ but I like to read ahead incase there are any fun books to pick up or craft/science lab items to gather.

I think we are ready to go solid through January. Nate has a big production that he works on for 2 weeks in December as an Assistant Stage Manager doing lights/sound/sets between that and working as a life guard I’m thinking he’ll have a light month on intentional studies.

Jon is full with intentional studies. The surf has been kicking up with storms so it looks like only one day this week for a dawn patrol for him. I’m just working on gathering, cleaning, organizing and planning. I rather enjoy the winter and the staying home and inside!

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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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