Thanksgiving without Sugar or Flour?

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I’m a list girl. A paper and pencil keep it and use it – list girl. This is the list is 7 years old. I copied the recipes onto index cards. I have a spot in my box for Holidays. I have a list for every special meal. Food. The taste. The menu. A combination of flavors, when brought together – Tastes like the holiday.

As you know, we have not been eating whites since August. Flour, Sugar, Rice, Potato. Nada. I’ve been mentally reading my list the last couple of weeks. What will I make? What will Thanksiving taste like?

Last weekend we went to a pre Thanksgiving meal, called DucksGiving (Last Ducks game before T Day). I had a great time with the veggies, turkey, meats, cheeses. I brought my own plan approved bread. I put a small scoop of potato on my meat with the gravy on top. It was fantastic. It tasted like Thanksgiving. My hopes were restored.

So today, I pulled out my holiday list. I’m going to make the family stuffing recipe. I bought white bread for the first time in 4 months today. I had to make the cornbread from a mix, as I didn’t have the right flours for it. But it will be good. I’ll make the green bean casserole. I found some flour free fried onions – low carb for the topping.

We are just going to buy a pie. I might make a pumpkin custard this evening without sugar. I’m just not craving sweets anymore, so I don’t really want a substitute.

So. 2013. A new year. A new me. Today I hit the 30 pounds lost mark. I had to hold my pants up all day. I need to go to Goodwill and pick up some size 12’s. 12 people. What amount of yeast roll or mountain of potatoes will make me feel better than 12’s that are not tight? I have a new list now.

I’m going to go to the beach, then meet up with a friend on the other side of the river and paddle to our house. I’ll meet up with friends in the late afternoon for dinner. We are bringing the Turkey and food mentioned above.

I’ve walked past the Christmas Candy and Cookie isles now for a few weeks. Passed them up with a smile. I love feeling good. I feel fantastic.  Looking good is just a bit of a side perk.



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1 Response to Thanksgiving without Sugar or Flour?

  1. I don’t really have cravings either! It’s nice. I did get some Udi’s Blueberry Muffins but I could take or leave them. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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