Russo Surfboards–Ready for the Birth Day!



Rob’s wife called to let Jon know he had a ‘little something’ for his birthday if we’d like to stop by.  I wanted to surprise Jon so I made an excuse to stop by and see my friend.


He was super stoked. We’ve seen the board in progress, and he’s seen it painted, but not finished. It needed a few weeks for the fiberglass to cure. We were not sure when the pick up day was going to be.


Jon’s arm is still pretty short. Jon turned 13 on December 7th, the day we picked it up. Rob put a handle in the board to make it easier to haul.


This was taken a few seconds after he saw it for the first time. We are forever grateful to be able to represent Russo Surfboards, Jon is happy to be a a Team rider. You’ll be seeing the Russo name quite a bit on the blog now!

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2 Responses to Russo Surfboards–Ready for the Birth Day!

  1. El Guapo says:

    I am both envious and happy for him.
    (But mostly happy for him.)

  2. Wow! It looks awesome. I look forward to seeing some pics with him riding it! Terrific birthday present!

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