December Stand Up Paddle in the Pacific Northwest


Today’s Math was interrupted by . . . Sunshine. Blue Sky – no wind. Yes, you can see the fog bank creeping in behind us, but it was off shore. Right now as I type there is blue, orange, red sky over a flat flat lake.

A friend asked me to Stand Up Paddle from her house on the Siletz River up to Hwy 101 past the bridge and then take the river back down. A 3 mile trip. Up river was a fun workout, then as the tide was sucking out we moved over to the side where you see us in the photo to paddle a bit easier. On the way back we were way over there on the left, in the strong current. 20 minute paddle home was fantastic.


Jon came with me, I didn’t want him to stay home. He brought his spelling and copy work in the car and finished it after. We’ll just do math tomorrow.  By the way, before this photo was taken, my 5/4/3 wetsuit was pulled down to my waist too. I saw a camera and pulled it up. We were HOT. Going to remember to just wear the under armor knee length shorts instead.

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2 Responses to December Stand Up Paddle in the Pacific Northwest

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  2. El Guapo says:

    Nice! I had to double check the date to see that it wasn’t summer when you did this.
    I’m hoping to get out surfing on New Years day, as long as the weather holds (NYC winter might be a little rougher than Oregon).

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