Theater Camp: Technical Director’s Assistant


If your Facebook Feed is anything like mine, it’s been filled with cutie little patooties in their Christmas outfits on stage in a play, singing or playing an instrument. Parents arriving early to sit on the front row to catch a glimpse of their little darling. I, on the other hand, have more of and eye for the back of the room to peek at my cutie Technical Director’s Assistant!


He spends a week changing this former elementary school gym into a theater. They hang dozens and dozens of lights. This year they added a projector and snow machine.


They set the lights to work with the computer system. There are spots on the stage and they use fill in people to make sure that the lights are on spot. Just right for the little lambs and just right for the Wise Men. They bring extra computers to make sure that the music and light cues are set with the automation. They have to know the technical direction for every moment of the play and be ready to manual over ride if needed.


Nate worked 8 am til 10pm for over 7 days, and then a day of taking down lights. He didn’t work the full 3 days due to a stomach bug this year. He got off from 11-1 to do his lifeguarding job, and got up early to do his writing and geometry. He’s a pretty good kid.


So my attention is on all of the wonderful light scenes behind the players and how fluid the sounds is in the mics and in the music tracks.


While others are watching on stage, I’m looking above in awe.


This is Nate’s 3rd production as the Technical Director’s right hand man. He feels valued and appreciated. I read on a blog today that automation is key and if you want to rise above in Technical Direction that you’ll want to get a degree in mechanical engineering to work on automation. Nate loved First Lego League for the programming side, he enjoys building robots, and he is a math and science wiz. I just sit back and wonder what direction all of this experience will lead.

So next time your cutie looks fabulous with perfect lighting and sound on stage, don’t forget to thank the Technical Directors on the way out!

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  1. coricox says:

    Thank you Nate for your hard work!! Super proud of you!!

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