Stormy Day Without Power


I had a great morning without power.  Enjoyed my Beth Moore Bible Study.  Looked through the lunch recipes in my THM book and made out a menu and shopping list. Listened to some Pandora while gazing out the window. Picked up the house.


This storm cloud was wild. Can you see the cone that is tilted to the right? When it came up over the hill it was straight down. As it moved over land it kept bending then went back up into the cloud formation. Wonder if it was a water spout while over the ocean. Water Spouts pull up over land, if not they are declared tornados. I watched this one move forward. It was equipped with crazy thunder that made the house shake from the ground up.


The waves in the lake got a bit wild.





Then it suddenly broke and we had some blue sky.


Time for some Chicken Salad Salad Wraps made from leftover THM Baked Whole Chicken.


Watching the sky go blue.


So we headed out to watch the surf. It was supposed to be 12-17 foot swells.



The wind was blowing hard, covering everything with sand.



Walking north was fun. Walking south? Your feet are in a sand blasting machine while your cheeks and nose freeze off.


Here is a shot played with a bit in Photoshop. You can see a bit better, the hard sand below, and the blowing sand above. It is super thick.



Freezing and without power, we headed to La Roca for a late lunch.


Super Burrito for Jon, Tostada for me, giving my rice and beans to the boys. Nate went with a super nacho dish – that was about the best one I’ve ever seen.


Sad day that the power is out.


Home at sunset – and the clouds break again for some blue sky just before the evening’s round of storms begin again.


Love the Pacific Northwest – in every season!

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1 Response to Stormy Day Without Power

  1. Amazing captures on the storm clouds! I had a tostada last night for dinner…don’t you just love Mexican food? Loved seeing your day Angie.

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