Morning at Petra School


I am excited to start a new Beth Moore study, James, Mercy Triumphs. I cleared a spot at the table so I could be more intentional and away from the laptop, than I am sitting in my cozy chair by the window.


As I got up, I was a bit discouraged at how the room looks first thing in the morning, but then I took another look around. I’m glad to be in a study with women who are craving God’s word.


I am forever grateful to the 101 DVD Series for Science and Chemistry 101 DVD. We love the extra accreditation ideas.


I’m thankful for my spot on The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Review Crew. We are able to have another year at So far, no reviews for 2014, but I’m sure that will change soon.  Loving the Middle School and High School spelling lists. Not just lists. As in words to re-write 10 times, but words to think about and ponder, sections of literature to soak in, puzzles and assignments to make the boys really think about the words.


I have one on on Lesson 19 and on son on lesson 14 for math. Looking down the line of Surf Trips and Spring Break, they should both have time to finish the lessons and go back in late May early June to do a review.


We have a key word, as part of our character studies, that we are looking up each day. Five references, New and Old Testament. Writing out what we learn about the word.


We need to get a container for the Christmas Tree. For now it is a wreath for the floor. . . .


I was sad, because this area was clean yesterday, but then looking around, I see that someone brought up laundry from downstairs, ran one load of laundry, hence the clean laundry on the futon,  and that the towel pile isn’t knocked over yet. At least I’m not the only one doing laundry. I like to sit here and watch an episode on Netflix and fold. Now I’ll have time to see how my underwater gold dredgers are doing today.


My favorite spot of the house. My lil coffee pot.


I’ve moved to more of a printed weekly schedule than just the schedule on the board. The boys seem to do better if I write it on the white board, so not sure if I’ll sue the printed for me, and write out their lists on the board still.


Found this 2 child weekly schedule in my TOS Homeschool Planner. Joy.


Nate did the dishes last night, but they didn’t get put away. Making whole foods from scratch sure piles up the pots and pans!


And now, I can sit. Catch up with friends online. Grieve for a friend who lost a daughter today. Look forward to a gathering of homeschool families this afternoon. Write this little post, and take Nate to work at 11. Enjoying a rainy Oregon morning.

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  1. Good Morning. I love your posts where you just share your morning. I’m too tired to get anything done but school at this point. 🙂

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