Boat Salvage Week


This morning’s lake looked inviting for a good core workout on the SUP board. While I paddled around I found another boat on a vacant piece of land not tied up. A quick look around our circle showed that the paddle boats were all in their spaces. Not sure where this one belongs.


Jon headed over on the SUP board with a pot pot to start draining the full vessel.


Nate came with me to help as well.



After we got it lake worthy, Jon paddled back with Max.


I followed on the SUP and Nate took the road home.


We decided it would be easier for Jon to use the paddle, as I held on to the rope for a tow. Tow Surfing. Yep.


At least he is getting his workout!



After they got it to the dock, we were able to turn it over to dump the rest of the water out, and then tilt it up with the plug out to drain the hull.


Another adventure-post storm – on the lake.

Now we spread the word that we found one, keep it tied up and safe where a boater driving by can see it, and wait for the owners to notice theirs is missing.

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2 Responses to Boat Salvage Week

  1. Lol. We have found a couple paddle boats on our lake. We are in a spot where random items float in. We love post storm findings.

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