10 Day Surf Camp


Wondering where we’ve been lately?  If you’ve been following along on Facebook you might be answering – On a 10 day surf trip! For those of you without FB, I’ll fill you in as quickly as possible.

We set out on a 10 day Surf Trip on January 16th, drove all night to Pismo Beach and arrived on Friday at 9ish in the morning. Within minutes the boys were suited up and playing in the surf, sand, and town.




We were there to play with Volcom VQS Surf Tour on Saturday, and then join them again the following Saturday in Santa Cruz. This gave us a good week to surf in warmer waters every day.




The boys had a great time meeting the other surfers. We even lent a hand in some parking lot fix ups for boards that had broke their tips going into the pier. One of our surfers advanced to the Quarter Finals and all of the surfers had a great day!


We Left Pismo and drove south to Ventura, California for a week of Sun, Warm Water, C Street Waves, Sunburned Faces and Camping. I’ll go find a few photos and be right back.

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  1. El Guapo says:

    Fantastic! Looks like a dream come true.

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