California Landscapes


Sometimes we actually turned the camera off of the waves to remember to photograph where we had been. Capitola Wharf below. The boys were not into paying parking, so we drove up on top, then walked around, down the stairs, and back out to the beach to the left. By We I mean The Boys, as I stayed up top and drank diet coke and watched. Kind of wishing now that we had spent some time in the Wharf, but I suppose my pocket book is happy I didn’t.


Watching on top of the Capitola Wharf area, just south. My fellow photographer A. Henton.


We stopped at many little roadside areas. Now I can’t remember what little bridge we were under, north of Ventura, South of Faria Beach. I’m back there in Pink. Again, the theme of not paying to park, we parked Way up the road, on the highway, then walked down.


Once you get walk out – the siting spot is delightful! The boys and I had a fun time watching some of our crew this morning.


Pismo Beach. The beach was so long that it was hard to get a perspective on it. Here the boys are playing a football centered game with our friend Shelby. They either surfed, talked about surfing, played with a football, or talked about surfing while playing football or longboard skateboarded, with a football, talking about surfing.


Avila Beach – My dad was stationed here in the early 1960’s at the lighthouse.


Hwy 1 up the coast from Ventura to Santa Cruz stopping to see the Elephant Seals. Yuck. I did enjoy driving past the Hearst Castle, which is to the south of here. My mom had a coffee table book on it and I used to love looking at the photos.


Hwy 1 – time stretch!


Sunset in Carmel. Playing at a sand volleyball pit – 3 on 3 – with a football.


Sunset at Carmel over the Monterey Bay. Beautiful. The cleanest most delightful sand I’ve ever seen.

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2 Responses to California Landscapes

  1. godmadeknown says:

    Great to see beautiful pics from my old stomping grounds. I grew up on California’s central coast and my husband and I lived in Cayucos when we were first married. He was a youth pastor to all these surfers just about your boys ages. Looks like an epic adventure. They’ll remember it forever.

  2. Kate Kessler says:

    Pismo and Avila – spent a good deal of time on those beaches as a child! My dad lived in Arroyo Grande for many years. I love the photos, Angie! Beautiful. My stomping ground is really Half Moon Bay towards Pacifica. Lots of fun memories out there. I miss the coast!


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