February is the New September



We had a beautiful January and December. Blue skies, warm days. Lots of water play. Company and tons of travel.  With being on the Crew January – October, and having the months string together the last couple of years with reviews, We intentionally took a very relaxed approach this year in December and January for extra work. Bible and Math every day, writing and reading as often as we could. Loved the Dailies on SchoolhouseTeacher.com. February has rushed in. And We’re Ready!


Nate is back to Latin with Mango Languages. It is a review product for us, so I’ll be sure to share more in a few weeks. Jon is doing Spanish and I’m doing Hawaiian. Excited.


We have the dining room cleared out from any signs of lots of company and holidays. Workboxes set back to rights. We enjoy the table smaller, easier to speak. You just have to look out for the foot wars with the boys.


We are starting a new Crew Review Year, which will mean introducing quite a bit of new curriculum.  After looking for a PDF planner all last month, I went back to my sure and steady Homeschool Tracker Basic. It’s easy for me since I’ve been using it since the boys were tiny tots. We work in the Service Opportunities/Chores and added a new subject this year – Work for Nate. He’s working at the pool quite a bit – need to work the academics around his schedule.


I am looking forward to Spelling You See at the end of the week, which will have Americana as a theme. We’re using America the Beautiful by Notgrass, book 2 for the rest o the year. Both boys will read along, Nate may go into more detail or writing challenges. This was a free gift from winning the HSBA Nature Blog Award. We are starting Unit 3 in TWSS, SWIB. I think I spent way too long in the first two units. I thought they meant the first two lessons. Ooops. Really getting into the meat of the program and understanding it more and more. Both boys are in Math U See, Zeta and Geography. Still working on Art and Music Weds and Nature Study Fridays.


So as the Monday pre-dawn is on the horizon – I’m excited for a fresh new start. Lesson Plans are written out. That’s the main thing for us. Nate says he does better with a list for the day. Jon can pretty much only get through his work with a list. What do you use to communicate your educational goals for the week?

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  1. taunyasplace says:

    My kids like lists…I just have to make them. I’m burnt out on lists…

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