Dive n Surf Oregon Pro–Big Wave Tour


We drove Nate to work and headed out to the Dive n Surf Oregon Pro Big Wave World Tour spot at our local beach. We have a reef about a half mile off shore, some call it Tacklebuster, some call it Nelscott. We came to know of it as Nelscott Reef, so that is what we call it. There is also a reef to the south – aptly named South Reef. When a system comes in just right, it will bring huge swell to these reefs. When the conditions are right, the surfers are given a 3 day window to fly in and compete. Surfers, photographers, family and friends flood the beach. We’ve been watching the Neslcott Big Wave Classic since 2010, this was our first year to really be in on the action.

The boys got to meet the Women Surfers early in the morning as their heat started at 9am.  They got to hold their big wave gun, (surf board) and even got in on a few lessons of how to stretch and warm up.


After two years on the surf team, we’ve gotten to know just about all of the local surf crowd and quite a few of the visitors. Our friend Jason is going out as support on this Ski. This is a Paddle In Big Wave Surf event – but you still need the ski to get out to the reef.



Raising the Banner for Tigersharks Surf Club! So excited for our Club Sponsors Oregon Surf Shop and KLG Adventures. KLG had a surfer in the competition today!



I was asked to help the photographers run errands, fix food, download images, charge batteries, etc etc etc. In turn I got a great parking spot, a perfect perch on the cliff, and a donation to our Tigersharks Surf Club. See the little black strip just beyond his camera close to the horizon? That is the Nelscott Reef.


Chargers. I can not even imagine being able to paddle this wave, much less drop in.





This is a great spot. The sun was out, the skin was warm, and the breeze stayed low most of the day.


Afternoon got choppy with the wind, and the wave got mushy. The interval got farther apart. I felt for the Semi Final and Final guys!


This is the photographer I was working with. He was with Maverick Moments TV. We followed around the surfers and conducted interviews during breaks. It was really really strange to stick a mic in their face and ask them questions. I don’t think I want to grow up and be a documentary film maker.


Jon took a turn with the shop dog – Clifton – on the beach.


We were following around Nic Lamb. He came in 2nd today – a pretty nice guy.


The boys pretty much hung out on the beach all day. Nate, in the white on the right was able to join us after 1. The local high school gave the Surf Club Kids the day out of school. They had to create a report of the day for credit.



Lots of hanging out and watching the heats.


Here is a photo of our perch.

Hard to believe we will be starting our 3rd year of surfing this month. The Tigersharks will be starting up soon.  Jon is brushing up on his Ocean Education Class. I think he should be ready to help teach the class, or be a part of clinics to teach the younger children. He also is a part of giving surf lessons for the Oregon Surf Shop and should have the safety language down pat. We’ve been working together towards his work with KLG Adventures (surf lessons).

All in all the day was fantastic. A party on the beach. Fun engaging surfers just glad for a spot of blue sky and a poppin’ reef. The whole thing was broadcast on Universal Sports live. You can click over to watch  – exciting! Universal Sports Big Wave World Tour – Oregon Pro

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  1. El Guapo says:

    Wow! Looks like a perfect day all around.
    I’m waiting for it to get a bit warmer before venturing back into the water.

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