Winter Mammals at the Coast



We are looking for Winter Mammals with our Outdoor Hour Challenge this week. We are also studying Oceans and Tidepools for Science. So we went to look for Sea Lions and Sea Lion Tracks. This little tip of land usually has dozens of Seals and Sea Lions. Today – Empty. So we looked while we were in Newport, Oregon.


Jon circled this mammal track. I told him it counts. Sort of.


We looked at several places that we knew there would be mud for tracks. Nothing.





We did spot Sea Lions. In our research this week we finally came up with a way to tell them a part. EARS.  Seals do not have visible ears. Sea Lions have ear flaps. Delightful!



Now remember. Nature Study is Hard. Hard sacrificial work for the mom. Hold on while I wait here on my rock and watch the boys look for mammal tracks.





This evening we saw a very cool sandcastle – built by mammals.


Jon took a few walks in the forest and reported Deer tracks. He took a few photos with his iPod, but I’m not good at downloading iPod photos.

We were driving home today and Jon yelled at me to pull over because he saw a Beaver Dam. I was still in my wetsuit from our morning exercise on the lake – and walked over Blackberry bushes, and snuck onto someone’s property.


Totally worth it. This is a huge structure! We saw paths around the outside of it. We see beavers in the lake often, and this little path leads to the lake near our home.


As we were walking back to the car – Jon gets all kinds of excited and exclaims –

MOM! Beavers – Mammals In Winter. Study done!!!

So there ya have it.


(Mallard in the Beaver Pond, couldn’t help but share.)

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5 Responses to Winter Mammals at the Coast

  1. harmonyartmom says:

    I wish I were there right now! I do so love your Oregon habitat. Thank you so much for submitting this to the carnival this month as one of your favorite entries of 2014.

  2. taunyasplace says:

    How awesome! I think the mallard is pretty also. 🙂

  3. Christine says:

    I clicked over from the OHC Blog Carnival. I love the beaver dam photos. I’m reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe with my kids and we just got to the part where the kids are at the beaver dam and you saw it in real life. We took a class at our zoo (we’re in WI) about sea lions/seals and learned that you can SEE the sea lion’s ears.

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