March Dawn Patrol in the Pacific Northwest


P1010350Well, ya know the lil Grom wants to go out for dawn patrol when they go see the midnight showing of Divergent, and then load the boards and set their gear out for a 7:30 dawn patrol session.

I woke up to finding his gear all laid out, near a heater vent – it was 30ish degrees outside. Water 48. Glassy – Time to head out!






Beautiful Conditions in the water. Jon is about 5’5” so this is head high to him.


The sets were pretty far apart. Not sure what the score was – 5-7 at 16 seconds? Can’t remember. But there were good waits in between. Peaceful in the morning.


Jon has a group of guys that he goes out with. They don’t mind his Russo Longboard. They call and text and yell at him to come out. We feel blessed. We were going to head out today, but the sets were 9 at 10 seconds and a bit large for low tide flush. May head out at noon. Jon’s doing track and wasn’t sure if he’d want to surf at noon and then run track at 3. We’ll probably go out at noon.


Hard part of Dawn Patrol. It takes a good couple of hours for the morning sun to clear the east hill side and peek on the sand. You can see, where the boys are, the sun is on the wave. Not so much for the grommom.


A little over head high action. His buddy is diving into the wave behind him.


Funny kid. So amazing to watch!


Max says the frozen sand isn’t fun this morning.



Trying to enjoy every minute of it! Looks like a couple of glassy small days ahead. I’m off to go SUP Yoga at the pool in the 84 degree water. Mom’s need warmer water!

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